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Holiday Activities in Mui Ne - A guide to enjoying vacation on a brief land

When coupled with comfort on the sun-kissed beaches, the numerous activities that Mui Ne has to offer the average traveller takes an alluring form.


Learn to cook

Healthy, delicious and quite simple to cook, Vietnamese food is a good analogy for the Vietnamese lifestyle as well. Attend a class to learn how to make a complete meal of traditional Vietnamese food, so you can go home and surprise your friends and family with your new-found culinary skills. Cooking lessons are offered in numerous places in Mui Ne, from private bodies to major hotels like Anantara Mui Ne Resort. The cooking lessons usually start with a tour to the local market to acquire necessary ingredients, so it is inevitable that you feel truly local by taking up this activity.


Play Golf

There is something about golf that relaxes the mind while engaging the body. Mui Ne and PhanThiet are planned to be the golf capitals of Vietnam, making them a favourite place for those who are seeking this sport. There are numerous golf courses available already, with many being under construction at the moment.


Attend a spa

While you are in Vietnam, do visit a local spa and experience true Vietnamese massages. There are plenty of good massaging places in Vietnam, scattered across the streets to luxury hotels. It is a popular opinion that nothing can beat a Vietnamese massage, which is evident by the fact that it is a popular and inexpensive activity a lot of tourists seek to engage in when in Mui Ne.


Go sailing

What is the point of visiting a beach region if you do not engage in at least one water-related activity? Mui Ne is popular among the locals as an ideal place to sail and therefore has a number of bodies set up for this specific purpose. Most of the sailing schools offer rentals, training programs, and tours, some going the extra mile and offering special packages for children and corporates. Sailing in the Mui Ne waters in as experience that you should not forego, especially if you are staying at a Beach Resort in Mui Ne.


Try Kiteboarding

If you are unafraid of heights and enjoy the sensation of being liberated, kiteboarding is one activity you should try. Maui Ne is considered the best location in Vietnam for kite boarding due to its perfect waves that are available throughout the year, as well as the lowest rainfall in Vietnam. Mui Ne is well on its way to becoming the kiteboard centre in South East Asia, as every day in Mui Ne is a perfect day for kiteboarding.


Take a hike

Mui Ne is a 10km long stretch of beach, so it is impossible to get lost in this place. This also makes it an ideal location for a hike, especially to the inexperienced hiker. While there are not many places to hike to, one place you definitely can visit is Fairy Springs. Fairy Springs is a stream that has gracefully wrapped itself around a scenic patch of dunes. Walk along the stream and you will be transported to a whole different world, with the vividly coloured dunes rising on either side of you, to end up at a waterfall that will make all your fatigue disappear.