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Power BI and SQL Server BI blog posts

This lists tries to collect all the relevant blog posts on Power BI and SQL Server BI products. Have a blog post you want to add to the list? Add it yourself and we will moderate it.


Using Drillthrough Filter In Power BI – A Quick Guide

Here's a quick guide to using drillthrough filter in Power Bi with a drill through example.

Using Drillthrough Filter In Power BI – A Quick Guide

Here's a quick guide to using drillthrough filter in Power Bi with a drill through example.

Crazy Table Gymnastics - Part 1 - Dynamic Column Categories - Power BI Tips and Tricks

Create a fully dynamic Power BI table. This allows a user to select the Top N items from any number of column data fields. This table technique allows for wide flexibility in what your users are able to investigate within one table.

Power BI Desktop – Query Reduction for Direct Query Models

In the November 2017 release of Power BI Desktop one feature got my attention: Query Reduction for Direct Query Models. In some cases, sources for Direct Query models are either large (and therefor…

Awesomeness Made Easy With PowerBI

Hi all, My name is Dave Coles and I'm a Senior Premier Field Engineer based in the UK who specializes in SCCM and Application Virtualization. As we know, creating reports in SCCM using SSRB is a joyful experience second only to having root canal treatment at the Dentist.  Therefore when I heard the phrase, 'Can...

Power BI Template to document the Power BI Service - Prathy's Blog...

it is essential to have an overview of what’s happening on your tenant. Currently, the only place I know is Power BI API.

Toggle between a chart and a table

One of the most requested requirements from the Business users is to view the data in two different visuals, usually in a chart and table. With standard configurations in Power BI Desktop, we don't have the option to do this. But, we can get this by using the Bookmark and Selection Pane. Shown below...

Enriching your Power BI Solutions with Metadata

Ever looked at a Power BI report visual and wondered what the logic was behind a calculation? In most cases, your options are limited to… asking the report author checking the report documentation …

Bookmarks Pane Feature In Power BI

In this article, I will explore the Bookmarks Pane Preview feature that introduced in Power BI October 2017 update. What’s Bookmarks Pane Feature? Bookmarks Pane is a new preview feature that…

Power BI Custom Visuals Class (Module 75 – Enlighten Stack Shuffle)

In this module you will learn how to use the Enlighten Stack Shuffle Custom Visual.  The Enlighten Stack Shuffle is helpful when you want to display a Top N set of values.  For example if you want …

Power BI Embedded InfoGraphic

There has recently been a lot of talk around Power BI Embedded for various reasons. The first being that Power BI Embedded can be used to for Power BI Reporting requirements, where the users are vi…

The Biml Book, And Some Thoughts On Biml And SSAS

I know what you’re thinking: why is Chris blogging about a book on Biml when he’s not remotely interested in SSIS? Well, you’re right, SSIS isn’t my thing (though as an SSAS developer it’s importan…

Using Power BI with xConnect in Sitecore 9

This post gives you an overview of how I got the xConnect oData API working and pulled data from it into Power BI.

Looking at dbatools github with Power BI

First of all! Really, really thanks dbatools team for this. I don’t have words to describe the impact that you guys have in my job. I use it every single day! Now… back to the subject.. Those days …

Tips for designing a great Power BI dashboard - Power BI

Tips for designing a great Power BI dashboard

The Environment concept in M for Power Query and Power BI Desktop, Part 3 | THE SELF-SERVICE-BI BLOG

The environment concept is one of the most important concepts in M, while it is one of the least obvious ones. We'll show why it is important to understand.

My Brain As My Pancreas – MyViz – Medium

For a person like me, living with Type I diabetes, life is balance of numbers. They have to be 90–110 mg/dL every minute of the day every…

Showing Only Months/Weeks/Etc. When at Least N Stores Showed a Certain Behavior - PowerPivotPro

  Nice Pivot, But I Only Want to See Months Where Eightor More of My Stores Went Negative! ***Update:  Technique Extended, Workbook available In

Advanced Segmentation Example Using DAX in Power BI

Combine advanced DAX calculations to produce great insight into your data using Power BI. Video example includes Group Customer by Ranking.

Power BI, Azure Analysis Services & Storyboarding

Most BI Delivery teams will recognise the weekly or monthly grind of producing the “Executive update dashboard” powerpoint deck.  The new bookmarking option in Power BI can accelerate t…