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List of best articles on Malware

This list is dedicated to news about Ransomware, malware and virus


7 Biggest Ransomware Threats of 2016- Protect Yourself from Hacker's Attack

Ransomware virus attacks User system and locks their files. Here are top 7 ransomware of 2016 be aware of them and protect yourself from hackers attack

5 Latest Ransomware to Affect Your Data- Time to Take Precautions

Ransomware is a very famous term in malware now a days. And many malware are introduced time to time. There are 5 latest ransomware are described in this article, just click the link and know about them.

Is Your Windows PC at Risk with the Lamest Ransomware?

Has your Windows PC just prompted a message that its operating system license is expired? Or a statement like this- “Your Windows License has Expired, Please get a new one by calling on 1-888-303-5121 from Store Representative”?
Well, this might be the lamest of all Ransomware that is trying to crawl on your hard disk data.

Tips to Prevent Malware Threats: Few Measures to Deal With The Situation

Malware and virus are the real threats to digital world and IT community. These can cause lose your data. So, you need to have protective measures to keep your data safe in your system. Here are given some tips to prevent malware threats.

Hitler Ransomware!

Latest ransomware has been introduced by hackers and it is named on the nazi dictator hitler. So the hitler ransomware is the latest ransomware in this catagory click the title to know more about this ransomware.

Beware of Ransomware: Information, Types, Prevention & Protection - Infographics

Ransomware is one of the biggest threats in computer security. So, you need to know the ransomware prevention and protection tips. Here is given some useful information about ransomware like types, prevention and protection tips in a very interesting infographics.

What to do if your system is already infected with Ransomware?

The most vicious of all cyberattacks are here and no wonder these are ransomware attacks! Nasty ransomware variants infect systems every now and then. This calls for the need to come up with a sure hack for it.

How to Protect Your Data From Ransomware

This video has everything you need to know about ransomware like ransomware prevention, protection from ransomware and you will also find here alternate of p...

Philadelphia, the Ransomware, is More Dangerous Than the City!

Philadelphia ransomware Distributed via phishing emails, and encrypting user data and demanding ransom to return it back. Know more about Philadelphia

Make Your Work Easier With These Windows 10 Features

The Windows 10 anniversary updates have put some useful changes. In this article, we have discussed some of the most admired features of Windows 10.

Santa & Little Flocker: Upcoming Ransomware Preventive Apps for Mac!

Of lately researchers must have dreamt about developing a robust program against ransomware. Following it, they have even made certain decryption tools but

Top 10 Easiest Tips to Prevent Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attacks are the real threat to online community today. Every day new variants and types of ransomware attack users seeking ransom. These attacks...

5 Latest Threats in Ransomware

ansomware threats have proven to be a destructive force and are causing a lot of trouble for IT technicians worldwide. People are getting affected and some criminals are making fortunes from it.

Recent Ransomware Attacks 2016 At a Glance

During the first nine months of 2016, Beazley’s BBR Services division managed 1,437 data breaches on behalf of clients, compared to 931 breaches during the same period last year.”

Top 5 Scary Ransomware Families

Ransomware threats have emerged increasingly in recent times. These threats have rediscovered themselves and are poised with new tactics and patterns.

Top 5 Deadliest Ransomware: Everything You Need to Know About It

Malicious software also known as malware is an umbrella term used to refer to disruptive or hostile software. It includes computer viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware, scareware, ransomware and other malicious programs.

5 Reasons to Not Pay in a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware threats have proved a real-time threat for the computer users for quite some time now. They attack your systems and hold it for ransom.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Protects You Against Ransomware Attacks!

Ransomware has been wreaking havoc on Windows computer throughout the year. But relief is in the offing for Windows 10 users.

Is Ransomware Coming Up with Even Scarier Way to Attack You?

Ransomware authors might spread menace amongst users via different and stronger means. Or else, they might even gamble up your data.

5 Unusual Ransomware Stories

You work until late at night, carefully save all the updates to meet the deadline, shut down your PC and go to be bed relived. When you reach work nest morning, you find yourself locked out of your own data files!

Locky Ransomware Hooks up to Social Media to Attack Users

Locky Ransomware has been one of the strongest Ransomware strain, ever since it has appeared. Further, Ransomware authors have settled many more variants to the strain in order to spread menace.

Devastating Computer Viruses That Could Rival Stuxnet

Power can never be innocent and while nuclear power can be used for various beneficial purposes, we’ve seen the horrors it can cause in the past. Similarly,

Year of Ransomware: A Brief Recap

Having talked about ransomware all year, we have come up with a list of the most notable ones of the year. Throughout 2016, there were hundreds and thousands of ransomware strains that appeared and created the menace.

Hacking Incidents that Obliterated the Internet in 2016

It must already be clear to most readers that internet is not a safe place to share personal details. Regardless of how secure website creators claim their servers to be, data breaches are common and have become persistent than ever.

7 Ways to Protect your Online Privacy

Cyber crooks are giving us a big headache nowadays! Anytime we connect to the Internet, we are vulnerable to identity theft.