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Personal Protection

How Important Are Ballistic Helmets?

Helmets are the most important safety gear to protect your head from injuries and ballistic helmet is no exception to this. It is designed to provide protection against ballistic threats and shrapnel.

Keeping Women Warriors Safe in Battle Fields

In every walk of life, women have been instrumental in success. From civilian roles to highly demanding positions in the armed forces of our country...

Bombing is a harsh reality in today’s world where every individual is under threat. Everyday we come across incidents of violence and blasts that threatens the lives of every person.

What Are The Possible Risks Of Head Injuries?

Severe head injuries that are common at the warfront can cause serious complications and may lead to brain damage as well. This is why composite helmet is a must wear in such situations.

What Is Applique Armour? And The Edge It Gives To Modern Forces?

The word Applique The online directory defines Applique as ldquo the ornamental needlework in which pieces of fabric are sewn or stuck on to a larger pi

What Are The Types And Symptoms Of Brain Injury? (with image) · mku

Brain injury causes damage of your brain cells and this is more common at the warfront where the soldiers fight with bullets. This is why bullet resistant helmet is necessary when in the battlefield.

How Electro Optical Devices are Revolutionizing Situational Awareness in Battlefield

When soldiers have better situational awareness of the battlefield and more reliable information, there is a greater chance that the information will be used effectively for strategic gains. This is the reason why so defense equipment designers are investing heavily in offering visual, night vision, geographical and enemy location data together in way that simplifies…

3 Aspects of Female Body Armor

The anatomical differences of the male and female bodies make it necessary for differently designed body armors. Today the number of females in the army and law enforcement departments has increased,significantly in metros. To cater to this new...

Features of Hand Held Shields

Police forces around the world use shields, particularly when they face riotous crowds. Anti-riot shields are made of poly carbonate and have certain limitations which make them good in certain scenarios.

Though many people might take the reliability of body armour for granted at present, it was not the same some hundreds of years ago. In the past when the brave warriors stepped onto the battle fields, they had to fight with very less protective equipment than their counterparts. Due to lack of equipment many lives…

Keeping Threats at Bay with Armoured Platforms

Armouring platforms have become a crucial priority for the armed forces of the world, today. Wondering why? Well, to protect platforms from threats that can be envisaged and also from those that can hit by surprise.

When we talk about modern crisis management today, the vital role of helicopters can't be overlooked. Starting from directing the humanitarian operations...

In today’s combat scenario, we can’t think of carrying out a military operation without aircrafts and namely helicopters. Why? Because they play an important role not only in anti-terrorist and combat activities, but also in transporting supplies to remote military outposts.

How Important Is Night Vision Equipment For Military Personnel?

A night vision device (NVD), also known as a night optical/observation device (NOD), is an optoelectronic device that allows images to be produced in levels of light approaching total darkness.

All You Need To Know About Composite Armour Solution

The armies in the battlefields have to deal with a number of different threats. the soldiers are under countless threats from missiles and projectiles and even the...

Women participation in guarding the boundaries of nation started delayed but their performance and efforts are remarkable.

Safety is always a concern when getting ready for a day at war field. No matter how much we try, the adrenaline rush can nowhere combat the lurking...