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Best Nike Air Jordan Shoe Releases in History ( Ranked)

Air Jordan 3 - 1988

Michael wasn't too big on signing with Nike from the start and after two of the people who did the most to bring him to the brand (Peter Moore and Rob Strasser) left, he was considering a change of scenery as well—his initial deal was up in 1988. In the end, it was young designer Tinker Hatfield's incorporation of the elephant print and the Moore-conceived Jumpman logo on the revolutionary Air Jordan IIIs (and Michael's dad telling MJ that Nike had his best interest at heart) that convinced him to stay.

Air Jordan 9 - 1994

The Air Jordan IX is a shoe that was a tribute to Michael himself. He never wore these in an actual game due to his retirement. He was finally seen wearing the Cool Grey 9s but later in his career as a member of the Washington Wizards. When the shoes released, it paid homage to the superstar as he took time off to pursue his baseball career. Jordan was often seen wearing the 9s in the cleat version as a member of the Birmingham Barons.

Air Jordan 4 - 1989

Jordan IV perfectly—once again incorporating the "Visible Air" in the midsole, classic Bulls colorways, and nubuck material for a clean but rugged look. When you Google “The Shot,” typically the first image you will come across is MJ's iconic bucket against the Cavs in the '89 Playoffs.

Air Jordan 12 - 1996

The Air Jordan 12 there was more than just the women’s high heel for inspiration, but also the Japanese Rising Sun flag played a big role in the making. Air Jordan XII HistoryThe stitching down the sides resemble sun rays. If you look at past Air Jordan sneakers, you will notice the famous “23” located somewhere on the model. On the Air Jordan 12 Michael wanted a different look with his number 23.

Air Jordan 22 - 2007

The Air Jordan 22 was inspired by F-22 Raptor Strike Fighter, when you look at the F-22 Raptor you see the light camo spots sharp aerodynamic cuts that can cut through the air like ice. Some of the characteristics of the F-22 can be seen on the Air Jordan 22.

Air Jordan 23 - 2008

On the Air Jordan XXIIIs Tinker teamed up with Mark Smith and pushed to create a shoe that you could put on a table without any logos and you would know exactly what it was. The level of uniqueness helped them achieve the feat with an intricate pattern stitched through the majority of the side as well as the left and the right kicks not mirroring each other for the first time in the lines’ history. They were also the first Jordan to fall under the "Considered" line due to their more environmentally friendly construction.

Air Jordan 28 - 2013

Assembled like a boot, the Air Jordan 28 encounters a radical new style to past Jordan models. Composed with the most recent tech highlights and premium materials, the Air Jordan 28 model has propelled sturdiness and solace for any style of play. The Air Jordan 28 highlights a binding framework and also a jacket material with a zipper to upgrade the fit.

Nike Air Jordan 1 - 1984-85

To think, the first Air Jordan almost never even existed after Michael was so adamant that his agent get him a deal with adidas. Nike made it happen and the vision was to treat its new star like a tennis player, which at the time was the sport that had the best sneaker endorsements. The Air Jordan I wasn't changing the game with innovation at the time, but the Dunk-like silhouette was the perfect template to feature some of the best colorway combinations and please the eye aesthetically.

Air Jordan 11 - 1995

The Air Jordan 11 are loved by many sneaker enthusiasts and are always a sell out. Air Jordan XI HistoryMichael Jordan was now back in the NBA, and the Air Jordan XI was his shoe for the 1995-1996 season. But before Michael Jordan wore the model, Tinker had to design them.

Air Jordan 13 - 1997

When the Air Jordan 13 was being thought up, Michael and Air Jordan XIII 13Tinker Hatfield did not have a meeting before they drew up designs. Tinker had an idea. If you’ve ever watched Michael play then you would see the resemblance between him and a panther. Michael Jordan would watch his players, and all of a sudden he would make the move, and before you knew what happened Michael had the ball.

Air Jordan 7 - 1992

The Air Jordan VII is iconic around the world. Michael Jordan wore this model during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics with the Dream Team.

Air Jordan 8 - 1993

It was the desire if Tinker Hatfield that the Air Jordan 8 should not have the Nike Design. He strongly believed that the Jordan brand could be bought up to the world to hold its own place now. Tinker discussed this with Nike that the Jordan line is capably strong now so that the Nike sign could be disposed off from the AJ VI.

Air Jordan 10 - 1995

The tenth signature sneaker for Michael Jordan, originally released from 1994-95. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, the AJ 10 features some of MJ's career accomplishments from 1985-94 on the bottom of the outsole.

Air Jordan 14 - 1999

Jordan XIVs Hatfield used inspiration from MJ’s Ferrari 550M to create a fast-looking, lower-cut model. The Ferrari-like badge, air "intakes" and the metal tips on the laces added to the high-tech feel. The shoes helped Mike win his sixth ring and will be remembered on his feet dragging across the key during his famous step back “final shot” against the Jazz in the NBA Finals.

Air Jordan 15 - 2000

Since Michael Jordan retired once again, people started saying that the Air Jordan line should be discontinued. But of course, Tinker Hatfield, Michael and the other designers thought otherwise. It was time to look for inspirations, something different, something not previously used on another shoe.

So the idea of the Air Jordan 15 would be to pay respect to Michael and his years in the NBA. The X-15 fighter plane came into mind at the moment. This plane broke the speed records, and set its own at 4,502 miles per hour. The X-15 is the best there ever was, just like Michael.

Air Jordan 18 - 2003

Air Jordan 18 - From 2002-2003 What makes the Air Jordan 18 so special is that, it was the last pair which Michael Jordan wore to the court. He retired soon after.

Air Jordan 19 - 2004

Jordan XVIII was laced with plenty of extra features, much like the XVII—a permanent lace cover, the first Jordan drawer box, and tread patterns for speed. The XVIII also released in low-cut versions for $25 less, appealing to players who wanted less restraint on the court.

Air Jordan 20 - 2005

Jordan XXs tagline was “Welcome to the Future” as Jordan Brand pushed to celebrate Michael’s legacy and take his shoes to next level, pushing things with technology and letting Tinker do his thing on the design end. The Air Jordan XXs were inspired by cycling shoes and motorcycle tires and the laser-etched lace covers were a big hit.

Air Jordan 21 - 2006

Air Jordan XXIs used premium Italian suede or full-grain leather and were aesthetically very simple and clean compared to most other Jordan releases. Again, inspired by a car, the high-quality materials were the draw for the XXIs. And just like bonus tracks on your favorite album, the Air Jordan XXI came with something extra that you might not have known was even there.

Air Jordan 29 - 2014

This is the Air Jordan 29 Pantone sneaker which features a white, metallic silver, and pantone color way. This is the lightest Air Jordan model ever created.

Air Jordan 2 - 1987

After all of the success of the Jordan I, Nike did a complete 180 with the design of the Air Jordan II. Once again Peter Moore was behind the design board and he broke every rule. The shoe was the first Nike shoe to not feature Swoosh branding anywhere on the sneaker.

Air Jordan 5 - 1990

Jordan V took only a few elements from the first four Jordans and that’s how Tinker Hatfield wanted it. He was inspired by the World War II Mustang fighter plane, which is most evident when it comes to the "teeth" on the front of the midsole.

Air Jordan 6 - 1991

Jordan VI was inspired by MJ's personal luxury. Aside from the heel tab that was designed after Michael Jordan’s Porsche, this Jordan makeup was more of a Tinker Hatfield showcase including something from most of his designs—translucent soles, "Visible Air" in the sole.

Air Jordan 16 - 2001

The Air Jordan XVIs were released on MJ’s 38th birthday and were also the first Jordan since the IIs that were not designed by legend Tinker Hatfield.

The concept of the Jordan XVI was an on-court/off-court sneaker, keep the shroud on outside of the gym and remove it like tearaway pants (maybe don't rip it off) for game-time.

Air Jordan 17 - 2002

   With the highly intcipated release of the Air Jordan 17 Copper this weekend we here at KixFiend wanted to give you guys a look at the history and other colorways of this Jordan model not everyone is familiar with! First we take a look at the Air Jordan 17 white/college blue/black colorway that originally…