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List of Islands and Attractions in Maldives – Tropical Paradise

Maldivian archipelago consists of about a 1,190 islands that form coral atolls and reefs. Each atoll is well known for its collection of attractions and tropical lures that make up unique - Maldives.


Inhabited Islands

Islands that are officially recognised as villages, towns, fishing communities and farming sectors that comprise of human habitations are considered inhabited islands in Maldives. Each one of the inhabited islands are serviced by an island office and island chief locally known as a Katheeb or councillor. Inhabited islands comprising of local villages make great attractions and island hopping is one of the most popular tourist sightseeing tours offered by the luxury hotels Maldives abounds with. Visiting a local village island gives you a dose of culture and tradition as well as a chance to savour local home cooked Maldivian fare.


Uninhabited Islands

Islands that do not have a permanent human habitation are classified as uninhabited islands. Resort islands such as beautiful PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi on the North Male Atoll are fine examples of these. Islands with agricultural projects are also classified as uninhabited. Picnic Islands which you will visit on an island hopping tour for some swimming, diving and snorkelling under the sun, together with breeding grounds for endangered sea turtles and sea birds too fall into this category.


Disappeared Islands

Disappeared Islands in the Maldives comprise of islands that have eroded into the sea, submerged due to rising sea levels or have been integrated into other islands. Some of the disappeared islands hold important significance to the country's history and are recorded in the history books; in respect of this historical significance atolls such as Thiladoo and Addu have been named after these islands. Ilhadoo meaning 'seen first' is an atoll named to remember disappeared islands that were home to the first settlements.


Diving in Maldives

The Maldives is undisputedly one of the world's best scuba diving locations. The archipelago surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean are home to a bevy of fish species, corals, molasses and other curious sea creatures. A dive in the Maldives mean you are quite likely to come across giant stingrays, elusive whale sharks, shy sea turtles and huge schools of tropical fish. The coral beds are a riot of colour and hide within themselves a cluster of colourful marine life. Underwater tunnels, overhangs and canyons are available in plenty while wreck diving is another interesting aspect of scuba diving in the Maldives.


Snorkelling Tours in Maldives

An activity that can be experienced by amateurs and all members of the family able to swim; snorkelling is the best sport for enjoying the beauty of Maldives coral reefs. You can either join a tour to the best snorkelling locations or set off from the beach of your luxury Maldives resort.


Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing is quite rewarding in the Maldives. Barracuda, jack, tuna are just some of the big game to be caught on a deep sea fishing tour. Even if you are an amateur there are experienced guides who promise to reward your first tour with a bountiful catch.