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Headline for Sciatica and How an Osteopath Can Help
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Sciatica and How an Osteopath Can Help

Sciatica is a very common condition that affects your legs and causes pain. Caused by a compression in your sciatic nerve, sciatica can be an acute or a chronic condition. Although there are a range of health professionals who can treat this condition, here are the 5 key ways an osteopath can help you on the road to recovery:


Osteopaths can diagnose

Discussing your health with you, and detailing whether you have experienced a slipped disc, a spinal injury or disease, or whether you are affected by general wear and tear, an osteopath can identify whether you are experiencing sciatica.


Osteopaths can find the cause

An osteopath is able to discern where the pain is coming from (which may be elsewhere in the body). The root cause has to be treated in order for any improvement to be made so accurate identification is really important to the success of the treatment.


Osteopaths can treat you

Osteopaths can treat you

An osteopath will aim to remove the cause of your sciatica. This may mean using massage to manipulate the area causing the pain- massaging and releasing pressure on the sciatic nerve.


Osteopaths can offer advice

If you have had sciatica then it is important to know correct posture. Prevention is better than cure after all, and being able to sit, stand, sleep and carry or move heavy objects properly will reduce the risk of a recurrence.


Osteopaths can detail your recovery plan

Experienced in treating sciatica, and armed with your health information, an osteopath will provide a treatment plan, and advise on the length of treatment.