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Updated by Oriental Designer Rugs on Nov 08, 2022
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Rug Cleaning & Washing

Since 30 years, Oriental designer rugs is been doing great job in rug cleaning and repairing. Atlanta's customers are always preferred to our expert for rug cleaning and any restoration work. For more rugs services call us: 404-367-0001.


Is Rug Cleaning Ahead of Interior Cleaning?

A rug cleaning specialist has a lot of experience in cleaning, deodorizing and maintaining your rugs. Cleaning operators are experts in carpet cleaning. Cleaning specialists are also important in purchasing high quality cleaners.

Selection of Oriental Rug Cleaning Company

Looking for a reputable rug cleaning company? Oriental Designer Rugs provides complete immersion cleaning. In addition, as a Certified Rug Cleaner, your inspection will be done safely before deciding the best way to get it.

Rug Cleaning Tips and Teaks – Oriental Designer Rugs

If you hire a professional rug cleaning service, you must choose between the steam cleaning and the dry extraction. Each method, when handled by a qualified guide, works wonders for dirty rugs. Not only are professionals more efficient than the ability to buy or rent, they also have more experience in stain removal. Basically, the prices for the same service can vary considerably. So buy carefully.

Tips for Choosing the Best Turkish Rug Cleaning Service

There are several ways to help protect the Turkish rug. There are many tips for choosing the right Turkish rug cleaning company. Below, we list the most important things to make you feel the look and feel of your rugs.

Few Rug Cleaning Tips from Oriental Designer Rugs

Some tricks that can provide you with a unique rug after cleaning. At Oriental Designer Rugs, Atlanta rug cleaning specialists use several techniques to remove the tough stains and substances out of the rugs and make rug washing easy.

100% Satisfied Rug Cleaning Services by Oriental Designer Rugs in Atlanta

When you get professional rug cleaning services for your home from Oriental Designer Rugs at Atlanta, USA. We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied. We use a cleaning system that ensures that your rugs will look and feel good when we finish.

Benefits of Professional Rug Cleaning – Oriental Designer Rugs

If you want to keep your rug for a long time, you should hire a professional rug cleaning service that you can trust. Which will make your rug new, fresh and clean. So you have to pay attention to the regular maintenance of your rug, your rug will last for 10 years! Here are few benefits to professionally cleaning your rug.

Rug Cleaning and Washing by Experts - Oriental Designer Rugs

Oriental Designer Rugs specializes in rug cleaning and rug washing of hand knotted rugs, We clean all types of area rugs such as hand tufted, flat weave, machine made etc. Our rug cleaning and washing is done off-site by experts in stages to maximize results while protecting the beauty of your oriental rugs.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Rug Cleaning Company – Oriental Designer Rugs

A cover is a necessary part of various homes and is both utilitarian and slick. Nonetheless, in the event that you have rugs introduced in your home, guarantee that they are kept as perfect as could reasonably be expected. A filthy cover can bring about different hypersensitivities and an assortment of maladies too. Truth be…

4 Things That Could Go Wrong When Cleaning a Rug – Oriental Designer Rugs

You might be really harming your floor covering with your do-it-without anyone else's help carpet cleaning strategies. This is what you should be cautious about. Vacuuming the edges or tufts of your mat When you run your vacuum over the edges or tufts of round rugs, it is very likely that the edges are sucked…

Why Important Steam Rug Cleaning

Steam rug cleaning, also known as hot water drainage, is the most commonly used procedure for deep cleaning of rugs. It is remarkable for its ability to remove difficult stains and deeply absorbed dirt particles. The machines used for steam rug cleaning remove loose dust and excess moisture by destroying the rugs with hot water and strong suction. It makes you fresh and clean expensive carpets. If you are thinking of cleaning a steam carpet in your home, take a look at few important tips for best possible results.

Oriental Rug Cleaning – Types And Care

All types of ancient oriental and semi-antique rugs, including Persian, wool and Tibetan regional carpets, require special knowledge and skills. Wool rug cleaning involves standard cleaning and vacuuming, spinning and complete stains and spots removal. Oriental Designer Rug Cleaning specializes in identifying and cleaning of hand-knotted, hand-woven, flat weave, hook or tufted, needle-point, braided and machine-made rugs. Use 7 strokes to clean your property well.

Rug Cleaning – What’s the Best Way to Clean Carpets?

We have many decisions to make when it comes to finding the right products and services for our home. When you choose rug cleaning, you need to choose something that will help you for years to come. The best possible approach to cleaning your carpet is to hire a professional rug cleaning company that uses a steam cleaning system.

Rug Cleaning - How to Do It

Carpets add aesthetic value to your home, but they are inherently difficult to clean and can cause serious damage if not cleaned properly. Many issues affect carpet cleanliness. Before people decide to clean their rug, they need to decide what material the carpet is made of. A rug cleaning expert can effectively deal with these issues using specific cleaning methods.