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A List of Amazing and Extremely Useful Software

Here you will find information about different types of apps and software.


Top 5 Travel Apps for the Smart Traveler

Half of 2016 is over. And how many places did you manage to explore keeping with your travel aspirations for the year? We know. We Know. The list keeps growing

7 Lesser Known Facts about Ransomware

Ransomware is the most sophisticated malware program. It locks out a user’s system, demands ransom, uses FBI’s logo and so on. We have been apprised with these facts till now. But there is much that this malware holds.

How to Clear Cache on Android

Do you know that one of the most common reasons behind your android device’s strange behavior is cache in your phone. So, it is necessary to clear cache time to time from your phone. There are some tips to clear cache from your phone that you should know.

How to fix 100% CPU usage in Windows

Sometimes programs are infected by virus or any other means and show errors so they consume a lot of power. If the programs processing in the computer use 100% power of your CPU then it will make your computer’s speed slow because other applications and programs will also need processing power so, you will have to free some up processing power.

10 Ways to Protect your System from Hacker’s Attack

If you do not have a proper software to protect your computer, then it is very easy for hackers to infect your computer. It is compulsory to have a software so that anyone would not be able to send any virus in your system. In this article you will know some ways to protect your PC from virus, malware and hackers.

Petya Ransomware – Your Computer At Risk

Petya Ransomware is one of the latest malware it is introduced just few months ago. Petya Ransomware is like other Ransomware and very dangerous for your system. In thias article you will find information to detect Petya Ransomare

How to be Safe from Ransomware Virus - Keep your Data Safe

The first known Ransomware was created and unleashed by mentally unstable biologist named Joseph L. Popp in 1989. In which the malware locks the files in your system and then you are asked to pay ransom to unlock those files.

How to Decrypt .locky Ransomware Files - Locky Ransomware Removal

Cyber criminals are frequently using Locky Ransomware. This ransomware enters into your system and control data of your computer and infects the system. This can cause you a lot of lose. So, if you are hit by such type of a ransomware than you should be prepared to remove this. In this article you will find Locky Ransomware removal guide in steps.

Independence Day Offer - Grab the Amazing Apps for Free

On this 4th July 2016, Independence Day Systweak brings most of the apps free for you. Grab this amazing offer and get your favorite apps for free.

Systweak Software Offers Independence Day App Giveaway this July 4! Get Free Apps

How about if we tell you that you can get 3 of our top selling apps for free? Short answer, YES.
Systweak Software is all set to offer some of its BEST-SELLING APPs to users on American Independence Day for free. Wait! You need to know more about this exciting offer.

Systweak Software announces exclusive Independence Day Offer

To make your Independence day special Systweak Software is providing so many useful apps for free. So, United States! Get Free Software on this independence day.

Systweak Android Cleaner - Reducing RAM and battery usage

Systweak Android Cleaner is the best software to clean your android device. It has so many benefits over other software like it saves battery, boosts speeds and it also cleans app cache.

Duplicate Files Fixer : An Android app to Remove Duplicate Files - Tech2Touch

Duplicate Photo Fixer is an android app which is created by Systweak Software. This app can find all the photos and also can remove all duplicate and similar photos stored in your device.

10 Best Android Cleaning Apps – Top 10 Android Cleaner 2016

Top android cleaning apps for android user. Clean your slow running android phone. these best top 10 android cleaner best for optimize slow android phone

How to do Disk Cleanup in Windows 7/8/10

Disk Cleanup is a system maintenance tool present in Microsoft Windows OS. Know more about how to perform disk cleanup in Windows 7/8/10 to free up space on PC.

What is Ransomware Virus - Everything You Want to Know

Ransomware is a virus which is sent in your computer by some malicious ways and then it locks all files in your computer by encrypting them in another file extension then you are demanded to pay ransom by the hacker who is behind all this. This is all about what is ransomware.

How to Speed up and Optimize Slow Running Windows XP Computer

You would have seen a strange behavior of your PC like slow speed, this happen because of cache and junk files in your PC because these things consume RAM in your PC. Along with this their are other reason which are responsible to slow down the speed of PC.

iPhone Storage Full? 5 Ways to Free up Space in iPhone

When storage in your iPhone is full then it can affect performance of your device so, you need to freeup space in your iPhone. You can find the program which is consuming so much space and which is not useful for you or which is duplicate. So, find it and delete using software.

The Best Top 10 Anti–malware software 2016 - Protect your PC from Viruses

If any malware enters in your computer then it can transfer all the confidential information stored in your PC to other person so, you must protect your system from malware and for this you can use anti-malware software.

5 Duplicate Photo Finder Tools to Delete Duplicate Photos

When there are so many duplicate photos in our device and that consume so much space. So, we need to delete all duplicate photos which can be done by a duplicate photo finder tool.

Top 10 Antivirus Software - Best Antivirus Utility 2016

An antivirus is the must thing for today's PC users because there is so much risk to get infected by a virus. Here are top 10 antivirus software choose which one would be better for you.

Cloud Backup - The best way to be secure from ransomware threats

Ransomware is a big threat now a days and the best ways to be safe from becoming a ransomware victim is to keep backup of you data. And the best way to keep backup is the cloud back up.

6 Easiest Ways to Make Your Mac faster: Time to Make It fast & Smooth

Did you know that you can make your Mac work faster using some tips. Yes there are some tips to make you Mac work better than before. Just click on the title and know those ways.

Top 10 Duplicate File Finder Tools for Windows

There are so many files in windows which are duplicate and you want to remove them but the question is how to find duplicate files then there are software available for this work just click on the title and you will know some amazing software to find duplicate files and remove them.

Systweak Software

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