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Social CRM Tools

I'll be doing a LinkedIn Chat with Patrick Dorsey in June (date TBD). What Social Media CRM tools do you like? Please add them to this list.

Clevertim - Easy to use web based CRM & contact manager for small businesses

Clevertim is an easy to learn & use, web based CRM and contact manager for small businesses. Our primary strengths are: ease of use, speed, focus on productivity for small businesses

Nimble (paid- comes highly recommended)

Nimble is the only simple solution to combine the best features of high-end CRM systems with the communication power of social media.

Bulk SMS Messaging Provider - CRM

Fast and Efficient Bulk SMS marketing with developer API. Any business or organisation can send SMS messages to groups of people instantly.

Social CRM is intelecrm (paid)

CRM Consulting - Intelestream offers CRM consulting services and is the developer of intelecrm, the online CRM for small and medium sized businesses.

Connected | Contact Management Without the Work (Free)

Connected: Contact Management Without The Work

Salesforce Social CRM (paid)

CRM software and cloud computing for the social enterprise from, the leader in CRM solutions. Free 30-day trial.

Big Contacts (paid)

Web Based CRM/ Contact Manager designed for small business - Get organized, Close more sales, and Keep more customers. 15 Day FREE Trial.

Rapportive (free - gmail)

Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox. We combine what you know, what your organization knows, and what the web knows.

Sales Pipeline Management Software – Pipedrive CRM (Paid)

Pipeline tool for active dealmakers, not your usual CRM. Helps you get super organized and close more deals, with less time needed for admin. Up and running in 2 minutes. Great overview of your sales efforts and results. So easy to use salespeople almost love it.

JibberJobber (paid - great for job seekers)

JibberJobber: A tool for job seekers, job hunters, recruiters and headhunters to organize the job hunt and manage a professional network.

Xobni | Your smarter address book is waiting. (free)

By the people who brought you Xobni. Smartr Contacts automatically creates an address book using all your emails. Now for Gmail, Android, and iPhone.

What Is Social CRM? | Social Media Examiner

Social CRM: A review of social customer relationship management, why it means different things and how it can help your social media succeed.

Why Your Company Needs to Embrace Social CRM

Social media is changing the rules of customer engagement. Your company needs to understand and embrace Social CRM to meet the needs of the new social customer.

Banckle.CRM for Cloud APIs

Banckle.CRM for Cloud is a CRM API platform which allows effective integration of sales, marketing and customer support functions into business applications. With feature rich CRM REST APIs, easily manage tasks and contacts, track deals and team performance and get insights into the sales pipeline. The Banckle CRM API integration has REST based architecture, which allows you to easily manipulate information and resources using simple HTTP requests and responses.


SalesSeek - Bringing together essential sales and marketing tools for growth-focused businesses

SalesSeek - Bringing together essential sales and marketing tools for growth-focused businesses

Our design-led platform provides Contact & Deal Management, Email Marketing & Automation, Forecasting, Task Management, Web Analytics, and Social Monitoring in a fresh and visual web application.

We combine these tools with action-oriented visualisations and dashboards for all roles: CEO, Sales Management, Marketing, Telesales and Enterprise Sales Rep. Our open API enables integrations with existing systems at no additional cost.

With real time insights, SalesSeek is helping organisations scale their revenue generation by providing context to relationships and the tools needed attract, and engage with a growing customer base.
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Difference between Lead & Deal in CRM by CRM Expert

The difference between Lead and Deal in CRM explained by CRM expert Raj. What mistakes are made by many other users? Watch until the end. IT Solutions Solved...

In most CRM systems, the term prospectus refers to a person who may become your customer, but who is not currently. Another word for a potential customer is a potential customer. Potential customers are usually transformed into contacts, companies and offers (opportunities) or "scrapped".

Once leads are entered into your CRM, they must be Qualified or Qualified. This process involves gathering information about the potential customer, such as interest rate level, budget or company size. A potential customer who showed interest in your product, such as requesting a quote or attending a webinar, is considered "hot". A potential customer who showed interest in buying your product, such as requesting an invoice or asking for a price list, is called "hot". Potential customers who are not qualified to buy your product are called "junk leads".