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Best Luxury Apartments in Sri Lanka – living luxurious

Sri Lanka is slowly rising as a tourist giant, much owing to the huge influx of foreign travellers. The growing number of luxury apartments bears ample testimony to that.


Whether you have to pay extra for amenities

Luxury apartments have a strong competition with each other. That shows up in their additional amenities. What you need to do is simple. Ask them whether those amenities are complementary. Luxury apartments offer some amenities on a complimentary basis. Suppose the apartment has a gym. If you are a fitness freak, you need to have your price's worth. Some apartments offer the services at a nominal fee.


Have you got reception on top floors?

Have you got reception on top floors?

If you are buying/renting a top floor, you need to check whether you got reception well. People tend to believe that mobile reception works fine when you go higher. But it is not always the truth. Suppose you are buying/renting an apartment from Elysian Reality, inform them your mobile network and ask how strong the reception is.


How convenient it is for you

Luxury apartments are not cheap. You pay a handsome price, and you deserve some peace. So you should check how convenient your new location is to your lifestyle. The very first thing is to check whether it is convenient to reach your place of employment from the apartment. If you have children, find out whether the apartment interior is designed to ensure their safety. And then check the distance between the apartment and their schools.


Storage space

Storage is almost a luxury for luxury apartments. However, many luxury apartments in Colombo do offer some space. You need to find it out. Space is a crucial factor especially when you have children. You will need space for their bicycles. And you will need a little store room also if you are a collector of items. This space should be in addition to the inside space.


The parking slot

Another feature offered automatically in luxury apartments. But it does not do you any harm to clarify whether you get your rightful slot. The thing with the garage space is that sometimes you have to drive a long way to park your vehicle. Some apartments have a solution for that: valet parking. But that comes at a price. So it is always better to ensure whether you got your rightful parking space close to your abode.


Your pet

If you have a pet, you need to add that too to your checklist. Some apartments won't allow pets simply because that could be menacing to the other residents. Do not be shocked to find out that you are not allowed to have your pet after settling the payment. Ask that before proceeding anywhere. Some apartments have restrictions in allowing pets. You are not supposed to have large ones. Pets not allowed at all? Then you should move somewhere else.