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Headline for Safety Tips for Sea Kayaking – Enjoy Skimming over the Waves
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Safety Tips for Sea Kayaking – Enjoy Skimming over the Waves

All kayaking enthusiasts should follow basic safety rules. These not only keep you safe but give you the assurance of enjoying your tour minus the hassles or dangers involved with sea kayaking.


Be Aware of Weather Conditions

Before setting off on your sea kayak tour make note of all weather conditions. Get updated on the prevailing weather and any changes that may occur. If you are heading into cold waters consider the possibilities of a capsize and wear a wet suit or dry suit in order to keep warm. If you are paddling in warm weather – maybe enjoying a fabulous sea kayaking tour from a desert island resort – do consider the importance of wearing a cap and long sleeved shirt for protection from the sun.


Invest in the Correct Clothes

It is best to get yourself the proper gear for a sea kayaking tour; if your kayak is a sit-in most of your body will be well protected; however for a sit-on-top you are exposed to the elements. Hence it is wise to invest in wet or dry suits and appropriate clothing for shielding yourself from the sun. Places like Sir Bani Yas Island home to the Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara is fabulous for enjoying the glorious sunny weather and glistening ocean but it is paramount that you get adequate protection from the sun. For this waterproof clothing and proper head gear that's lightweight and comfortable play an important role in keeping you safe from the tropical weather conditions.


Be Aware of the Weight Capacity

Never go over the stipulated weight capacity of your kayak. Consider durability and maximum weight allowance. You should also check the vessel for all wear and tear signs before heading out to sea. These simple checks will prove to be valuable safety precautions for not getting into trouble on open seas.


Wear Your Personal Floatation Devise (PFD)

Coast Guard regulations state that any person heading out in a kayak must have a life jacket on board. Choose one that fits well as in an emergency the life jacket will act as a floatation devise while keeping you insulated in cold waters. There are PFD's that are designed to suit the requirements of kayak paddlers and should be chosen on fit. A good PFD will keep your head above the water and should be worn when you are paddling.


Keep Others Informed of Your Plans

Even if you are a loner and enjoy solitary paddles across the ocean always keep someone on shore informed of your plans. It could be the tour desk of your desert island resort or a friend or even the shop you are hiring the kayak from. But do keep someone updated on your tour route, paddle plans, how long you expect to be gone for and how many people are kayaking with you. Always stick to your plans, last minute uninformed change of plans may turn out to be a risk to you and others travelling with you.