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Headline for Podcasts Made by Nonprofit Organizations and Government Agencies (that aren't media focused)
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Podcasts Made by Nonprofit Organizations and Government Agencies (that aren't media focused)

Some on-demand audio shows by 501(c)(3) & 501 (c)(4) organizations and governmental agencies that use podcasts as part of their communications strategy (but whose main focus or mission isn't media creation). Also see podcasts made by foundations, and podcasts about the nonprofit sector.

After the Fact

Welcome to “,” a new podcast from The Pew Charitable Trusts that brings you data and analysis on the issues that matter to you. Experts from Pew and other special guests discuss the numbers and trends shaping some of society’s biggest challenges, then go beyond the facts with nonpartisan analysis and action.

Art + Ideas | The Getty Museum

Join Jim Cuno, president of the J. Paul Getty Trust, as he talks with artists, writers, curators, and scholars about their work. Listen in as he engages these important thinkers in reflective and critical conversations about architecture, archaeology, art history, and museum exhibitions. Listen on SoundCloud or iTunes.

Aspen Ideas to Go | The Aspen Institute

Compelling talks and conversations from the Aspen Ideas Festival and other public programs at the Aspen Institute. Listen on SoundCloud or iTunes.

Audio Interference

Interference Archive is a social space, exhibition venue, and open stacks archive of movement culture, based in Brooklyn. Listen on SoundCloud.

BackStory with the American History Guys

BackStory with the American History Guys is a nationally syndicated, hour-long, weekly public radio show hosted by renowned U.S. historians Ed Ayers, Peter Onuf, and Brian Balogh. We're based in Charlottesville, Virginia at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. Each week we take a topic that people are talking about and explore its roots in American history. Through stories, interviews, and conversation with our listeners, we turn the things Americans take for granted inside out. And we have a lot of fun. Listen on iTunes and more.

Brookings Cafeteria Podcast

A place where Brookings experts discuss ideas about and solutions for the most pressing public policy challenges, both domestically and globally. Listen on Libsyn and iTunes.

Choices and Chismes

Choices & Chismes is a bi-monthly podcast for real talk about what’s happening in our country, our communities, and our daily lives. In this podcast, we are going to be looking at the choices, big and small, that we make every day as young Latinos and immigrants and the chismes, AKA gossip, that makes life interesting. Join hosts Grecia Lima and Juanita Monsalve every other Friday to get a fresh and funny take on what's going on in the world and the different ways we fit into it. Choices & Chismes is brought to you on behalf of Reform Immigration for America. Listen on SoundCloud and iTunes.

Climate, Mind and Behavior Podcast

The Climate, Mind and Behavior Podcast is produced by the Garrison Institute. Each episode explores groundbreaking intersections between climate change, resilience, contemplative practice, and human behavior. To learn more about the Garrison Institute’s Climate, Mind and Behavior program, visit - where you can also listen to an archived podcast of the show, join their mailing list, and sign up for their monthly email-newsletter - delivering the latest research and programs from around the world that promote resilience in a changing climate, right to you.


CMSOnAir is a podcast produced by the Center for Migration Studies of New York (CMS). CMS is an educational institute/think tank devoted to the study of international migration, to the promotion of understanding between immigrants and receiving communities, and to public policies that safeguard the dignity and rights of migrants, refugees and newcomers. Listen on SoundCloud and iTunes.

Completely Optional Knowledge

Greenpeace's show that answers questions you never knew you had. Listen on SoundCloud and iTunes.

Direct Current - An Podcast | Department of Energy

Direct Current is a podcast about energy -- the kind that lights our homes, powers our lives and shapes our world. From the U.S. Department of Energy’s digital team in Washington, D.C., Direct Current brings you fresh, insightful stories of how we generate and use electricity, what that means for the planet and the cutting-edge science that’s driving a global energy revolution. Listen on iTunes.

Explain the Brain

From The Mind Science Foundation, a little show that asks big questions about our minds, with help from the boldest scientists in neuroscience and psychology. Produced and hosted by public radio reporter Audrey Quinn.

Facing Race: Stories & Voices

The "Facing Race: Stories & Voices" podcast features an array of thinkers and advocates sharing formative memories illustrating the many paths and experiences in racial justice work. Tune in here or subscribe on iTunes. This podcast was produced by Race Forward's Jay Smooth, Rebekah Spicuglia, and Chevon Drew, with interviews recorded by StoryCorps.

Fighting Poverty, Strengthening New York

Fighting Poverty, Strengthening New York, is a monthly podcast that explores the diverse work done at the Community Service Society ( In each episode, we dive into an issue affecting low-income New Yorkers in areas such as affordable housing, healthcare, and economic security. We hear from those affected, and from CSS staff striving to make NYC a more equitable and just city. David R. Jones, CSS President and CEO, leads off each podcast, then we head into the field to see first hand the important work CSS does every day. Listen on SoundCloud or iTunes.

Flatbush + Main Podcast

Flatbush + Main is a monthly podcast dedicated to Brooklyn history. In each episode, co-hosts Zaheer Ali and Julie Golia, historians at Brooklyn Historical Society, dive deep into Brooklyn’s past, tying it to the issues facing New Yorkers and Americans today. Every month, Flatbush + Main features: - “Histories and Ideas” with Brooklynites and scholars of Brooklyn discussing the borough’s communities, residents, built environment, and many untold stories; - “Into the Archives” exploration of documents and artifacts from BHS’s archives; and - “Voices of Brooklyn” drawn from Brooklyn Historical Society’s oral history collections, some of which date back to the 1970s. Stories will transport visitors to many of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods, some internationally-known, some less familiar. Listen on SoundCloud and iTunes.

Fortification: Standing on the Side of Love

a Podcast featuring Caitlin Breedlove, Campaign Director of Standing on the Side of Love interviewing movement leaders and activists. Standing on the Side of Love is a campaign sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association. Listen on SoundCloud or iTunes.


When Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans, neonatal intensive care unit nurse Medea Gabriel’s role as a caregiver is put to the ultimate test as she tries to save her babies, her ailing mother, and herself. On July 31st, Good360 will bring you her untold story of craftiness, care, resilience, and survival in a weekly podcast mini-series commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the launch of the DisasterRecovery360 platform. Listen on iTunes.

Interfaith Matters

A n original podcast series from The Interfaith Center of New York that explores how interfaith engagement matters to making positive social change...

Intersections Podcast

The Intersections podcast, from the Brookings Institute, where two experts discuss the angles on policy issues. Listen on Libsyn and iTunes.

Listening Tour via The END Fund

The story of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) is one that touches a wide variety of people – from recipients of sight-saving surgeries to philanthropists, scientists, advocates, implementing partners, government officials, and pharmaceutical company representatives – to name a few. It is through our collective voices that we can start to see the interconnectivities between us all.

Maps, Magic, and Medicine

Maps, Magic, and Medicine explores the importance of indigenous knowledge to protect the environment. Each month we bring you stories about the spiritual, the unexplained, and the unbelievable. To create innovative strategies that address global climate change, poverty, and land rights, we must understand the interconnectedness of humans and the environment. These stories are the first way to reimagine our relationship to the natural world. Subscribe to Maps, Magic, and Medicine on iTunes to continue listening to the stories of making contact and making change in the Amazon Rainforest. You can also engage on our website

New York Public Library Podcast

The New York Public Library Podcast features your favorite writers, artists, and thinkers in smart talks and provocative conversations. Listen on SoundCloud or iTunes.

Off Peak via LA Metro

Off Peak celebrates the true tales and secret stories that happen between Point A and Point B in Southern California and beyond. Challenging the traditional car-centric narrative of Los Angeles, Off Peak explores the rich history and future of rail, bus, cycling, walking and all manner of getting around in LA. Listen on iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher.

Origin Stories Podcast

Origin Stories is The Leakey Foundation’s podcast about what it means to be human and the science behind what we know about ourselves and our origins. Listen on SoundCloud and iTunes.


PoetryNow is a weekly four-minute radio series featuring some of today’s most accomplished and innovative poets who offer an acoustically rich and reflective look into a single poem. Produced in partnership by the Poetry Foundation and WFMT. Listen on iTunes and here.

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