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Timber Flooring

Timber Flooring Service at Melbourne

Do you want to improve your home with timber flooring? Timber Flooring leading timber floors installation, sanding and polishing company. Timber Flooring have wide range of timber flooring Products. Call us for more information.

Best Floating Floors in Melbourne

If you need the best floating floors Melbourne has to offer, you can rely on Timberland Floors. Floating Floors refers to the installation method, it is often used in reference with laminate flooring in a domestic context. By word it refers to floor but it is used to reduce noise or vibration.

Sanding and Polishing at Timberland Floors

Looking for premium floor polishing? Sanding and polishing has evolved into a art form these days with so many different finishes from high gloss to mat, liming, oils and staining. Looking for floor sanding & polishing service in Melbourne & its suburbs? Call Timberland Floors on 0407 543 536! Leading floor company, excellent service.

Best Quality Laminate Floors at TimberlandFloors

Laminate flooring is an alternate to traditional timber flooring options. Laminate Floors in Melbourne from an recognised floor installation company. Large product range & high-quality flooring resilient to scratching/scruffing. Give us call on (04) 07 543 536 for more info.

Hardwood & Wooden Flooring at Timberland Floors

Looking to get hardwood or wooden flooring in Melbourne? Timberland Floors Provide timber floor installation, sanding and polishing. Strip flooring are some of the traditional styles. Based in Melbourne’s South Eastern Suburbs. Give us call on (04) 07 543 536 for more info.

Best Parquetry Flooring at TimberlandFloors

Looking for the best parquetry flooring? Timberland Floors have a wide variety of timbers, and can create and design pebble or timber feature inlays and decorative borders to enhance your floor. Call us on (04) 07 543 536 for more info.

Classic Look with Antique Wood Floors

As the name itself suggests, antique wood floors give your home a timeless and classical appeal. It is important to keep your furniture protected from direct sunlight and so for that, you need blinds and curtains of high quality to keep your antique furniture safe.

Know About Timber and Oak Flooring

Wooden floors add a class to your existing home or office. This is quite a bit of an investment. A lot of people replicate the look using laminates but it can hardly come close to the elegance that either timber or oak flooring gives.

About Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing

If the quality of the timber is good a simple re-polishing can do wonders to enhance the look. Also, good quality floors need to be redone only once in 4-5 years. Timber floor sanding and polishing can be done regularly to get the desired look and for sanding and polishing timber floors.

Reasons for Choosing Hardwood Flooring

As hardwood flooring is an expensive option as compared to carpeting, there are many homeowners who do not even give it a thought. Knowing the multiple benefits of this in the long run, though, you realize that it more than compensates for the initial costs.

Process of Cleaning Laminate Floors

Laminate floorings are one of the most common flooring options in modern homes. There are lots of benefits homeowners can experience from laminate floors, and therefore it has gained so much of popularity over the years.

Timber Floors Cleaning and Polishing

A beautifully and perfectly polished floor can enhance the look of the room and can act as a refreshing element in the interior décor. It is very important to ensure that the timber floors in your home are always kept polished and are free from dirt and debris.

Laminate Flooring Is Advantageous

Lamination refers to coat with a protective covering, generally plastic made cover, which protects the inner item for long from elements of nature. Similarly, laminate flooring refers to a coat applied on the floor.

Benefits Associated with Wood Flooring

One of the best Benefits of Wood Flooring has to be its low maintenance key. Nowadays, people are hooked up with their daily work. They don’t have time to check out on the higher maintenance floors.

Laminate Flooring: The Most Versatile Flooring

Laminate Flooring has now become a preferred option amongst the home owners because of its versatility, benefits and easy cleaning procedures. Most consumers believe that thickness is the main factor of the toughness and quality of laminate flooring.

Quality Timber Flooring

If you want to increase your property value then you have to go for high-quality timber flooring in your house. Quality timber flooring can be installed only if the timber is of superior texture.

Benefits of Installing Best Floating Floors

The floating wood resembles the engineered floor; however, it is lifted at a higher angle which results in best floating floors. It is easy to install these floors. Make sure to call experts for installation of the floating floors.

Timber: A Superior Flooring Material

Selecting the right kind of timber flooring would mainly rely upon its price, color and its expected performance that can provide for a long term satisfaction. Prior to getting the high quality timber floor installed keep in mind, the leveling the floor is important to avoid any problems while installation.

Best Oak Flooring Melbourne

Oak flooring is widely utilized these days because it has extraordinary flexibility and Can be shaded or coloured to any specification because it is such an adaptable and stable timber it also allows us to machine very wide boards. Oak Flooring in Melbourne from a perceived floor installation company. Call us on (03) 9588 1452 for more info.

Timber Flooring have all the experience in the business to give you with the best wood flooring. Our floor sanding for Chelsea can breathe new life into battered old wood flooring. With floor sanding Chelsea home owners can appreciate the previous sections of flooring without forking out a fortune for the wood. Call us on (03) 9588 1452 for more info.

Installing Quality Hardwood Flooring

If you wish to change the look of your house completely or then just changing the flooring part, it is essential for you to look out on the hardwood. It is good quality hardwood flooring which can make space look good and also increase its aesthetic value.

For a more reasonable choice, we have laminate flooring. Our laminate flooring is manufactured but appears just like real wood. Indeed, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who can tell the differentiate without really looking! For top-quality laminate flooring. Call us on (04) 07 543 536 for more info.

Looking for the timber flooring pros for Port Melbourne? Here at Timberland Floors, we not only offer top-quality timber flooring, we likewise provide the full scope of flooring services – including floor sanding and floor polishing – to customers through Melbourne, including to Port Melbourne. Call us on (04) 07 543 536 for more info.

Decorate Your Floor - Timber Floor Polishing

Timber floor is a great way to decorate your home and people install this floor for its glossy looks and easy maintenance features. You can decorate your floor by polishing the timber surface, and the timber floor polishing will take only a few days.

Floating Floors Demand

Floating floors are the type of floors that are not fixed to the surface directly beneath it. It is a type of flooring installation method and not an actual flooring material.