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Updated by Fritzjames Stephen on Jun 20, 2016
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7 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Serviced Apartment Instead of a Hotel – have the real holiday

Hotels have already drained your wallet, though it looks cheap on the surface. Read on why Serviced Apartment is an economic alternative to hotels.


Feel home

A hotel will also give you a home feel, true. But a serviced apartment will provide you that very same feeling on a large living space for a lower rate. If you are planning to prolong your stay, serviced apartments will just make things easier for you. So much so, you can expect the same facilities provided by a hotel, but with more privacy and space ensured. That's home you need at the end of the day, right?



Most hotels will trap you in a large room, whereas you have a lot more amenities in a serviced apartment. Amenities are in fact the main artery of any serviced apartment, while it is optional for a hotel. Attached bathroom, kitchen, dining area and a sofa bed are common amenities at a serviced apartment. You can find all of this, plus an office area on request. Serviced Apartments such as Citadines Apart'hotel offer internet and Wi-Fi access as well.


Public functions

Hotels have earned reputation for offering space for public functions. Serviced apartments are yet to achieve that status. Most serviced apartments may not be able to provide you a good space for functions. But if you are looking for a private meeting, they can offer small-scale meeting rooms. This looks so disadvantageous. But if you look for privacy, this is a precious opportunity.


Food and beverage

Hotels have their breakfast rooms. But when you have a kitchen in your apartment, why do you need a breakfast room? And hotels charge you more because they give you a breakfast service. So make the maximum of the kitchen thereby maintaining a balanced budget.


How much do you save?

After all, you need not be retold that serviced apartments are a cheaper option as compared to hotels. That cheap rate does not undermine the quality though. You need to know why serviced apartments are cheaper than hotels. First, they do not need large staff like in hotels. Hotels have to charge you extra to feed the staff of restaurant and breakfast room.


Family place

Large space offers enough room for a large family in any of the Apart hotels. It is not something like settling in a hotel room, though however large it could be. Here your family has a whole space to walk around. And all the strangers are just neighbours. They don't live just next to your room. You don't meet them in the corridor. So you get what your family needs: privacy.



Holistically speaking, serviced apartments can speak high of one thing. And that is very much a privilege as compared to a hotel. That is none other than privacy. Privacy surrounded by silence and quietude. If you are a writer or a teacher, serviced apartment is the best alternative to work on your next project.