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5 Professional Teeth Whitening Options

Teeth whitening are a very effective way of lightening the natural color of teeth without damaging the teeth surface. It does not bring a complete color change but it helps in lightening the existing shade. Most widely used teeth whitening options at dental offices have been discussed below:



• BriteSmile is a professional in-office teeth whitening option that is known for its ease of access and gentleness. It makes teeth seven shades lighter in about an hour.

• Procedure involves application of teeth whitening gel (containing 15% hydrogen peroxide with pH 6.5) to the teeth to improve whitening efficacy. It also contains glycerin and water to minimize tooth dehydration. After applying gel, a special light source is focused onto the teeth to activate the gel and remove stains. These sessions occur for at least three 20 minute intervals.

• After the in-office treatment of BriteSmile, dentists generally recommend patients to wear a tray whitening systems for one to six months depending upon teeth stain.

• It requires about one hour chair time.


Opalescence Boost

• It is a conventional and minimally invasive way of treating stained teeth if compared to crowns and veneers.

• The bleaching gel used in this treatment method is sticky which is considered to be a major plus point in it. Gel contains 38% solution of hydrogen peroxide. It has unique patented component called PX which is a mixture of potassium nitrate and fluoride. Potassium nitrate helps in reducing the sensitivity associated with teeth whitening and fluoride helps in strengthening enamel and reducing the risk of cavities.

• It requires about one to two hours of chair time.


Zoom teeth whitening

• It is the widely used teeth whitening method used throughout the world. Zoom home-use touch-up kits are also available to maintain the white teeth for long.

• Zoom in-office teeth whitening procedure involves the application of 25% hydrogen peroxide gel to teeth which is activated by the use of zoom advanced power chairside lamp. Lamp accelerates the bleaching process and hydrogen peroxide is broken down into oxygen. This oxygen enters the enamel and dentin to bring the bleaching effect. Hydrogen peroxide is applied three times, each interval lasting for 15 minutes. Immediately after treatment, a fluoride paste-gel is applied to teeth to reduce sensitivity.

• It requires about one hour of chair time.


Sapphire Professional Whitening System

• It is gentle on sensitive teeth and gums. It makes teeth two to three shades lighter in about an hour.

• Whitening gel contains 25% solution of hydrogen peroxide gel and a desensitizing enhancer is also used along with gel. The gel is applied onto the teeth and whitening crystal light is positioned directly in the front of the teeth for half an hour. After this the gel and desensitizing enhancer is removed from teeth to check the progress and, if required, bleached for another half an hour to get effective whitening results.

• It requires about one hour of chair time.


Deep Bleaching

• It is a multi-phase protocol involving different in-office teeth whitening steps, followed by home bleaching. It can treat even the most intransigent stains. This treatment can whiten the teeth for very long if patients follow proper maintenance instructions.

• Procedure involves multiple steps. Dentist takes detailed impression of teeth and gum line during the initial visits. Based on those impressions, vinyl trays are custom-fabricated in dental laboratory. Once the tray is ready, dentist ask patient to visit the clinic again and again in a prescribed treatment plan manner. It requires patient to use these trays at home also so it takes a long time to bring efficient results. Deep bleaching trays should be used once in every one to three months to maintain the maximum whiteness life-long.

• It requires multiple visits to dental office to bring the results so it takes about a month to complete this treatment.