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Top 05 things to do in Doha – International Hub of Qatar

Ancient forts and loads of culture make Doha quite an interesting place to visit. Shopping is the other lure while arts, culture and religion make fascinating discoveries.


Explore the Ancient Heritage and Culture

There are many forts and towers located across Doha that stand as silent sentinels to the city's heritage. Exuding marvellous architectural creations these compounds are quite fascinating to discover. Doha Fort is a must visit; the place is home to many exhibits some including Bedouin Sadu, Qatar's traditional handicrafts, fishing boats and ornaments fashioned out of gypsum and wood. Most of these are testament to the work of the country's traditional craftsmen. Al Zubara Fort & Museum is the oldest fort and museum in Qatar; there you can relish a good dose of history via ancient artefacts and particulars pertaining to the country's rich heritage.


Shopping in Doha

Traditional and modern shopping are both excellent experiences in Doha. The Gold Souk and Souk Waqif are marvellous places to browse, enjoy meandering your way along the narrow alleys and relishing the sights, sounds and smells of a typical Arabic souk; there you can buy just about anything from gold jewellery to fragrant spices. The perfect forms of retail therapy are the chic malls of Doha; the City Centre Doha Mall located close to the Somerset West Bay Doha is your best bet for an unforgettable shopping experience. In fact in terms of accommodation you will be well located should you choose the convenience of Doha service apartments located in this vicinity. Serviced apartments being the newest rage amongst the independent tourist focused on exploring and enjoying a destination to their own schedule.


Discover the Link Between Arts, Culture and Religion

Visit the Museum of Islamic Arts and you will be amazed for Doha is the soul of Islamic Arts in Qatar. Apart from being housed within a building that is a work of art on its own the museum houses a range of artefacts such as Turkish mosaics, wood carvings and art works as well as exquisite Persian rugs. The museum is also a shrine for Islamic manuscripts and treasured material that highlight the history, culture and historical relevance of Islam. Dedicated to Arab culture is the Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art; displaying unique Arabic modern arts the place isquite an interesting browse; especially the artistic creations out of gun powder.


Cruise Around and Explore the Corniche

The best experience is to book a 'dhow' cruise from the Pearl Island to the Doha Corniche. It is quite a spectacular journey where you will be mesmerized by the Doha skyline. Once there you can amble along the corniche; enjoy the views, check out the iconic oyster monument and relish the relaxing ambiance.


Indulge in a Desert Safari

No tour to Doha is complete unless you cruise the golden sand dunes of the inland sea. Head out to the point where the desert starts and you will be greeted by Bedouin tents, from there get strapped into your 4 wheel drive and enjoy a marvellous adventure soaring over the golden dunes until you arrive at the sea.