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21st Century 6th Grade Learners - Music

This is a collection of lesson plans intended to address "8 MUST HAVE SKILLS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY STUDENTS" as described on All lesson plans relate specifically to music.

Digital Literacy - Rap My Name [Free Music Tech Lesson Plan]

Students use software to record raps about themselves and share the performance with the class.

Global Citizenship - Math + Arts | Drum-Beating & Foot-Stomping

Students attempt to classify music from the African tradition using terminology from Western Music.

Communication - A Jazz Talk Show

Students study various musicians and share research with other students via a news/talk show.

Team-working - BrainPOP UK | Leonardo Da Vinci | Lesson Ideas

Students work in small groups to make web 2.0 presentations about fascinating aspects of music.

Entrepreneurship - Copyright Lesson Plan

Student's explore the importance of protecting their image and intellectual property through blogging.

Objective:    The
students will demonstrate their understanding of writing lyrics for a
twelve-bar blues pattern by writing two verses of a blues song and then
recording themselves singing over a stock blues pattern using Appleπs new iLife
application, Garage Band.

Students will write original lyrics within specific guidelines and then sing those lyrics to create a 12-bar blues progression.

Students study the relationship between emotions and music. Students then create a playlist to elicit emotional reactions.

Leadership - Primary Music: Make Your Own Fanfare

Students work independently to make original compositions following basic guidelines.