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Headline for 21st Century Learners- Lesson Plans for 5th Graders
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21st Century Learners- Lesson Plans for 5th Graders

Below is a list of 8 Lesson Plans for 21st Century 5th graders.

Molding of a Leader: Introduction

Lesson Plans: Molding of a Leader

Super Digital Citizen

Students need to learn about Digital Citizenship at a young age. Watch how teachers can bring Digital Citizenship into an English Language lesson that lines up with the Common Core, and includes a gallery walk.

Talk Moves: Developing Communication Skills

Here's an interactive tip to help develop student communication skills in your elementary school classroom. This communication tip is perfect for language learners.

Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom: Activities and Conflict Resolution Skills

What is an Emotional Intelligence Classroom? Emotional intelligence is as important in today's schools as teaching math and reading. Daniel Goleman wrote a book about emotional intelligence and defines it as a set of skills students can learn to control impulses, to have empathy, and to improve personal relationships. When teachers teach about conflict resolution, they can use these ideas to create a more positive classroom atmosphere. Students will learn how to define the conflict, control their impulses, brainstorm solutions, have empathy for peers, and put their solution into action during emotional intelligence activities.

Guided Lesson Plan

On this page you will find an overview of the purpose, objectives, and learner description, along with the standards students will meet when they complete this WebQuest. This guided lesson plan will support teachers as they introduce students to the Getting Down to Business WebQuest activity.

Mystery Skype: Connecting Classrooms Around The World

A game to connect kids in classrooms around the world via Skype. The game -- Mystery Skype -- challenges students to use technology in innovative ways and de...

Problem Solving Bingo

All you need are blank Bingo Cards and a great set of word problems! Description and Video from BPS Mr. Monson's 5th Grade Classroom!

Teasing Class Meeting No matter how much we do to create a strong sense of community, issues will still arise. See how this 5th grade clas...

Teamwork Lesson for Learning to Work Together (6th Grade)

What does it mean to be a team? To be able to work together to succeed. We review what it means to succeed and have goals.