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21st Century 11th-Grade Learners


"To develop student leadership, students create S.M.A.R.T goals & provide evidence as to how they will meet leadership goals. In addition, students list their leadership strengths and weaknesses. Students receive feedback from their peers on their leadership style. This is followed up with a discussion on the feedback they received."

"While students interact with a range of print, visual, and sound texts, they do not always recognize that these many documents are texts. By creating an inventory of personal texts, students begin to consciously recognize the many literacy demands in contemporary society. Students begin by brainstorming a list of items that combine different ways of expressing ideas—such as a poster or DVD. After the lists are shared, list items are identified as texts (audio texts, video texts, etc.) Students then create an inventory of significant texts that they have engaged with over a specified period of time, and discuss why it is important to interact with a variety of different types of texts. With this start, they create a working definition of literacy that they refine and explore as they continue their investigation of the texts that they interact with at home, at school, and in other settings."


"Effective communication skills are a key component for successful self-advocacy, empowerment and leadership. This lesson will teach high school students the types of communication, how to understand one's audience, and ways to utilize appropriate tone, timing and words. The goal is for students to apply use of communication skills, so the lesson will incorporate role playing exercises for various settings."

This link contains a variety of activities for students to complete, such as a "Teen Spotlight" and a "Focus Group" activity where the students debate on whether people should volunteer, compete, and what type of team member they should be.


Students will:
Identify and discuss the common characteristics of people who become entrepreneurs
Rate the importance of specific characteristics to the success of entrepreneurs
Compare their rating of specific characteristics with the rating of specific characteristics the rating given by entrepreneurs
Evaluate themselves in terms of the characteristics common to entrepreneurs

Global Citizenship

"This PowerPoint presentation (design elements from conveys the importance and modern context of global citizenship through a conversation between two students. It may be used with the grades 9-12 Global Citizenship unit or on its own."

1. Using a standard method or procedure to solve problems makes the process
easier and more effective.
Key Questions
1. How do we apply a problem solving method to the solution of a real problem?
2. What are the steps of the Technological Method of Problem Solving?
Students will:
Demonstrate an understanding of the Technological Problem Solving method, and be able to apply the method to a real life problem.

Concepts/Skills Reinforced or Mastered:
One of the skills reinforced or mastered in this activity includes a thorough knowledge of the skills needed for effective teamwork. The concept of brainstorming will help the students to come up with ideas for skills needed for effective teamwork as well as solving problems. Using a personality/teamwork assessment tool, the students will be able to see what type of personality qualities they possess that makes them an effective team member. Students will also demonstrate mastery of the decision-making method to solve a work-related problem. Lastly, the students will be introduced to the use of an iPod to create an audio podcast, which will be used with the decision-making method. As a culminating activity, the students will use an online teaching web site such as Angel to interact with the other students in the class through a discussion board