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Updated by Amanda Whittaker on Jun 18, 2016
Headline for 21st Century Middle 6-8 Grade Learners
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21st Century Middle 6-8 Grade Learners

Emotional Intelligence

This website has 5 lesson plans that can help teach Emotional Intelligence. Three out of the five lessons are about stress and how to handle stress as a student. Respect and breathing techniques are the last two lesson plans that are included. Most 11-14 year olds have a hard time handling stress and these lessons would be a good addition to any character education lessons.

Communication Skills lesson plans 1 to 5 for middle school students

Communication Skills Lesson Plans 1 to 5 for Middle School Students. Students are given 6 different scenarios that explain communication and the importance of it within each story. I like that this has several ways to teach the importance of communication and what each type of them is.

Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills are one of the many essential skills that middle school students need to acquire. This lesson has students work in small groups to discuss what skills a great leader has and then has them complete research on someone who think they think is a great leader. It also gives tips on how they should complete the research for this person.

Introducing Entrepreneurs

Students are able to learn what an entrepreneur is and what they do. I like that the lesson also ties in communication skills with it as well. This just proves how important communication skills are to the remainder of the 21st Century skills that students need.

Teaching Kids to be Global Citizens

Teaching Kids to be Global Citizens: Five schools that are breaking the borders. Students are being taught about Global Citizenship through lessons on real classroom interactions. Many of the lessons are taught by showing how they work with other countries to learn what it means to be a global citizen.

Problem Solving Lesson Plan

This lesson lays out and explain the six steps to problem solving that students should be taught when trying to deal with issues that they are going through. Besides just learning about the problem solving steps, the lesson also lets the students work through some examples on how to do this.

Teamwork Lesson for Learning to Work Together (6th Grade)

What does it mean to be a team? To be able to work together to succeed. We review what it means to succeed and have goals. Students talk about what teamwork is and students then brainstorm together to come up with synonyms for teamwork as well as definitions. I like how the students have to work together and "problem solve" to create guidelines for working in groups and what should and should not happen when students are working together in small groups.

Digital Citizenship Curriculum

This site has five lessons to teach digital literacy for middle school learners. The five lessons that are introduced to students are over digital life, searching skills, scams/schemes, cyber bullying and copyright laws. I feel that these are the five most important lessons that students need to know when learning about digital literacy. There are also several quizzes that can be taken to check for understanding on these five lessons. Click on the 6-8 tab to reach the five lessons that I wrote about above.