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Top Outdoor Activities in Dubai - A Delight for the Leisure Seeker

The alluring Emirate of Dubai offers a host of attractions for the visitor. Irrespective of your tastes and preferences you are sure to find outdoor activities that take your fancy here.


Mountain Biking

If you enjoy mountain biking Dubai will offer outstanding opportunities for this enjoyable outdoor sport. In the environs of Dubai you will find a host of interesting trails that will capture the interest of the enthusiast. In fact an international mountain biking organization has made the effort to locate and maintain many kilometres of intriguing routes that will appeal to the committed mountain biker. These trails will take you along rocky terrain that includes wadi beds, narrow tracks and animal pathways. As these trails can be demanding and challenging they are more suitable for experienced bikers. You may encounter creatures like mountain goats, wild donkeys, snakes and lizards on the way.


Desert Camping

No visit to the region would be complete without trying out some enjoyable desert camping. The vast expanses of the desert offer plenty of space in which to find an appealing camping spot that will provide you with a genuine local experience. If you do not have the services of a guide you can join one of the operators who offer camping safaris in the wildernesses of the Emirate. Often you will also be able to enjoy local features such as a barbeque dinner, belly dancing and dune bashing on one of these trips. You will also have the opportunity to engage in activities like sandboarding and camel riding which are sure to be a highlight for visitors.


Diving amidst Reefs and Wrecks

You will find attractive diving opportunities on the coastal areas of the Emirates. Although you will not encounter extensive reefs along the coastline of Dubai, you will find a number of engrossing wrecks that will capture the interest of the diving enthusiast. The Anchor Barge is a well-known wreck that is always a pleasure to explore with the colourful corals that have made it an artificial reef. Another attraction is the Mariam Express, another sunken vessel that provides an interesting challenge for the visitor. You will find more dive sites a short distance away in the Gulf of Oman and the Emirate of Fujairah.


Hiking and Climbing

Climbing has over the years become an increasingly popular activity in the region with routes being developed and created to provide plenty of opportunities for climbing enthusiasts. The Hajar Mountains will be an excellent attraction for climbers with their towering crags and invigorating climbing paths. You will have the opportunity to attempt the higher peaks as well as the less demanding shorter climbing excursions. On the other hand hiking enthusiasts can try out the demanding hiking trails found at Ras Al Khaimah. As you experience these outdoor activities an outstanding choice of accommodation would be a boutique hotel in Dubai such as the attractive Desert Palm PER AQUUM. This fine hotel offers sumptuous luxury and many modern amenities for the discerning visitor.


Sea Kayaking

The relaxing activity of sea kayaking will appeal to visitors who desire a gentle and enjoyable outdoor pursuit. The coastal areas of the Arabian Peninsula feature some outstanding localities for the sport of sea kayaking. On the western coast you will find intriguing mangrove areas that will captivate the visitor. On the other hand the eastern coast features Khor Kalba, a nature sanctuary that contains extents of mangrove forest that attract many kinds of exotic birds. Paddlers will have the opportunity to spend many tranquil hours admiring the local flora and fauna.