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Top Diving Sites in Maldives – Splendid Attractions for the Diver

The lovely Maldives Islands has acquired a firm reputation as an outstanding environment for diving enthusiasts. You will find a number of outstanding dive sites which are ideal for the keen diver.


Vaavu Atoll

Situated in the Southern Atolls of the Maldives, Vaavu Atoll boasts a number of outstanding dive sites. Here you will encounter channels that are considerably deep as well as fast-moving currents that are rich in nutrients. Irrespective of the time of year in which you dive here, you will encounter schools of reef sharks in addition to other species of sharks. Within this atoll you will find Fotteyu Kandu which is considered to be one of the finest dive sites in the islands featuring caves, overhangs and swim-throughs. You may also have the opportunity to spot creatures such as trevallies, tuna, snappers, unicornfish, eagle rays, triggerfish, groupers and mantas.


Ari Atoll

Ari Atoll is an atoll in the Maldives which is renowned for the regularity in which divers can spot schools of attractive fish as well as other pelagic creatures here. Resident marine creatures that live here include Napoleon wrasse, white tip and grey reef sharks in addition to flocks of batfish and blacktail barracuda. You may also have the opportunity to encounter large passing fish such as manta rays, whale sharks, eagle rays and hammerhead sharks. These exotic marine denizens make Ari Atoll a popular area for scuba divers who appreciate the chance to closely observe marine life.


North Male Atoll

This attractive region was one of the earliest areas in the Maldives to become reputed as an appealing locality for scuba divers. Therefore it is not surprising that North Male Atoll has acquired a reputation for featuring some of the most popular dive sites in the islands. One of the best known sites here is the Banana Reef, or Gaathugiri in the local tongue. In the dive sites of North Male Atoll you will encounter spectacular topography including mysterious caves, impressive rock faces, striking overhangs and sharp drop offs. Marine life is also a highlight here with manta rays, sharks, black snappers, trevally, bannerfish, grouper, squirrelfish, morays and soldierfish to be seen.


Noon Atoll

Noon Atoll may be regarded as one of the lesser known locations for diving in the Maldives, yet features many intriguing attractions for the diver. In the attractive diving sites of this atoll you will encounter creatures such as sharks in addition to vibrantly coloured corals and other resident marine life. You will also be enthralled by the weirdly formed reefs of the area. Noteworthy dive sites in this atoll include such highlights as Christmas Rock and Orimas Thila. As you experience the scuba diving delights of the islands stay at one of the fine resorts in Maldives such as the PER AQUUM Niyama Maldives. This outstanding resort offers sumptuous luxury and gracious hospitality so as to make your stay a pleasure.


Lhaviyani Atoll

Across the expansive Lhaviyani Atoll you will find an array of excellent dive locations that are sure to entrance the enthusiast. The distinctive topography of the area means that the sites are varied in appearance and boast a splendid selection of sea creatures. Divers will encounter different kinds of sharks here in addition to rays and fish. You may even have the good fortune to spot a manta ray or some individuals of the numerous community of green sea turtles which lives here. Outstanding dive sites include Kuredu Express, Kuredu Caves and Fushivaru Thila.