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21st Century Lesson Plans for the High School Student

In order to thrive in today's world, students need critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as have the ability to collaborate effectively and use technology responsibly.

Hovercraft Racers!

For TEAMWORK: Students are given the opportunity to work with a team to build a hovercraft. This lesson provides materials and instructions, but a team of high school students could design a completely different hovercraft. Different teams could each have their own design, and tests could be done to determine which design was the most successful.

Blake's Illness

For PROBLEM SOLVING: This case study would be perfect for the advanced science student. Students follow the course of a boy's illness, studies symptoms, determines what illness the child has, suggests treatments, looks at physical exam notes, etc.

Keeping Computers Out of Landfills

For GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP: Students will try to find practical uses for older computers that will help eliminate the practice of disposing of used computers in landfills.

Creating a Business Plan

For ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The lesson is designed to guide students to the creation of a business plan for a developing business. This lesson provides guidance, ideas, and resources for the creation of a business plan for use by high school students developing a mock single location, start-up business.

Star-Crossed Lovers Online: Romeo and Juliet for a Digital Age - ReadWriteThink

For DIGITAL LITERACY: Students will explore the modern significance of an older text, such as Shakespeare´┐Żs Romeo and Juliet, and create their own interpretation. Students will assume the characters in the text live in the technology age and will interpret how their lives would be different. Students will create technology profiles, research a scene and rewrite it with modern technology incorporated. Students will present their new scenes via technology to the class.

Communication Skills

For COMMUNICATION: This lesson will teach high school students the types of communication, how to understand one's audience, and ways to utilize appropriate tone, timing and words. Students will participate in role-playing exercises that reminds them the appropriate ways to communicate to others.

Making Personal and Cultural Connections - ReadWriteThink

For EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: As students read, they look for connections between themselves and the main character. Students can work in groups or with a partner and share personal connections they have to the story and characters.

Teach21 Project Based Learning

For LEADERSHIP: Students will work with their community to develop an exhibit (can be virtual) to use with tourists. Students will have to research and work with a local museum or tourism commission to request proposals for displays, virtual tours, etc. While many 21st century skills are a part of this project, leadership skills are not only developed, but essential, in the completion of this project.