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Updated by Jodi Shaw on Jun 15, 2016
Headline for 5 Amazing Reasons Why The Kobo Aura H20 Rocks!
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5 Amazing Reasons Why The Kobo Aura H20 Rocks!

You aren't fooling anyone. You know you want to read in the bath tub. Everyone does!

The Kobo Aura H20]( is freaking waterproof! No really it is. That's what the H20 stands for. You can actually take a bath and read underwater. Oh don't kid yourself, you know you want to try reading under water. This handy little e-reader can handle depths up to 3 feet for 30 minutes. It's pretty impressive. Plus it's dust proof, sand proof, kids proof which means you can take it anyway. Oh! BTW if you click on the link you get 5 bucks off toward any Kobo product. Cool eh?


Super Fast & Reliable

Powerful with HD Display + Bonus Storage. You won't need it. I mean how many books can you really read? But Kobo Aura H20 gives you 4 GB on the device and let's you add 32 GB micro SD card which is like totally awesome. It has 265 dpi which if you don't know what means it means great screen quality. It's the size roughly of a book which is great 6.8" screen that's glare proof and offers on-paper experience with deep tones. My only squash is I wish it was in color, but you're reading a book so the newspaper feel of reading is kinda cool.


Kobo + Pocket = Customization Options

The Kobo Aura H20 has a battery life of up to 2 months. That's right 2 months before you have to charge it depending on how much you read. So you never have to worry about running out of time to enjoy your favorite book!

Kobo has teamed up with Pocket to bring you article you want to read online later on your e-reader device. So I simple scan my favorite sites, click save article to pocket and I have hours of entertaining articles I can browse through at the my fingertips when I want.


Just Pick A Font Size I Dare You

Each of Kobo Aura H2O’s 10 fonts were perfected pixel-by-pixel to display each letter with crisp, clear perfection; with 24 font sizes, with adjustable font sharpness and weight settings, people can truly customize their reading experience and read exactly the way they want.


Amazing Titles To Choose From The Kobo Library

Kobo offers a catalog of more than 5 million titles across all genres, eReader options, and top-rated apps for the most popular smartphones and tablets. You can keep your library at your fingertips. Sync to your favorite books, while having a variety of ways to read which include apps for Windows, Android and iPhone along with your Aura H20.

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