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Updated by Scott Spangenberg on Jul 30, 2016
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True shit

Just real and trues stuff

Being broke sucks. Why life is horrible when you are broke.

Being broke sucks so damn bad. I get asked by people "Do you think your life is so horrible, because you have no money?" Yeah motherf***er

Pegging is the new thing? WTF, seriously?

I saw some show that said pegging is the new thing.I heard what it was and said to myself WTF, seriously? Do wives do this to their Husbands?

When it is okay to not tell the truth

Have you ever wondered if there are times lying is better then telling the truth? I will say yes. Sometimes lying is the right thing to do.

I hate going shopping, shopping sucks

I hate going shopping. It doesn't matter if it's food shopping, clothes shopping, or any other kind of shopping. Shopping sucks major ass

Ass kissing the boss. Pucker up sucker.

Is ass kissing the only way to success? I was always taught that if you work hard and truly do your best, life would be okay. Bullshit. You shouldn't have to kiss ass to get a promotion.

Getting high at work. Is that buzz worth your paycheck?

How dumb can some people be? This guy I work with was getting high at work. Surrounded by other employees he still decides to get high. WTF.