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Updated by Rebecca Van Pelt on Jun 15, 2016
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21st Century 7th Grade Learners

Here is a list of lesson plans to teach 7th grade students the 8 must have skills for the 21st Century student.

Shaping Leaders

This lesson's objectice is to help studnets learn to identify the differences between autocratic, democratic, and laissez-faire leadership styles through role play and discussion.

10 minute Leadership Lessons.pdf

These are 10 minute lessons to teach Leadership to middle school students. These lessons are perfect for a teacher who wants to preserve instructional time for content while still insuring students learn important 21st Century skills.

Communication and Technology.pdf

In this lesson students will concentrate on the role technology plays both in their learning and in communication.

emotional_intellegence mini lesson activities.pdf

This is a list of mini activities students can complete to learn about emotional intelligence. These activities are great for teachers who do not have a lot of class time to spend on material outside of content.

Providing the latest information to teachers, administrators, and program designers for entrepreneurship education for youth and adults. There is a list of activities, the one I chose was Franchising Know How. This lesson teaches about franchises, including the difference between a franchisor and a franchisee, creating a contract, and deciding if franchising a business is in the future.

Digital Literacy_Become-an-Online-Sleuth_.pdf

This lessons teaches the importance of not believing everything on the internet is true, how to evaluate websites, and how to compare good and bad sources.


This lesson teaches what Global Citizenship is, the rights and responsibilities of global citizens, and our role as Global Citizens. Although this lesson states it is designed for grades 3-5, I believe 7th graders will also benefit from it having never been taught the concept before.

     Problem Solving

Aim:  Students will discover the importance that geometry has
in their everyday lives and apply geometry to their lives. 

Students will use knowledge of Geometry and problem solving skills to build a tree stand or tree house. They will then evaluate other students work to decide which one they would buy.

Teamwork Lesson for Learning to Work Together

What does it mean to be a team? To be able to work together to succeed. We review what it means to succeed and have goals.