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Updated by Andrew Pereira on Jun 15, 2016
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List Of Essential Sichuan Eats – essential Chinese delicacies

Scent is the first hint. Feel that scent, and you will fall in love with its source. Following is a list of essential Sichuan eatables so that you will get to experience the flavour first-hand.


Mapo Doufu

If you ask a local what Mapo Doufu means, you will hear a funny definition. They will say that it means 'pock-marked grandmother's tofu'. And this delicious food has an interesting story of genesis. It all started with much thanks to a hungry crowd and a creative cook. With a limited number of available ingredients, the cook prepared a stew. The stew has soft tofu, chilli bean paste, a bit of Sichuan peppercorns, beef or pork and what you love most in Asia: a good deal of red hot chilli oil.

Mapo Doufu is available in almost any Chinese restaurant. In Sichuan, you will find it in any restaurant. In fact Sichuan's restaurants serve the best Mapo Doufu served in sizzling bowls. The layered heat with chillies are a delicacy you should not miss. If you have the ingredients, you can make it on your own at many Serviced apartments in Chengdu such as Ascott Raffles City Chengdu.


Sliced Beef Tripe in Chili Oil With Peanuts

This could probably be the best way to savour beef. The Chinese has their unique recipe for beef, and that is quite evident in this extraordinary dish called sliced beef trip ein chili oil with peanuts. The dish is also known as fuqi feipian (married couple's organ slices). Although now you cannot expect to have the lungs in most cases of Beef tripe, as they are somewhat difficult to locate. But you can look forward to beef heart or tongue browned well in fat. Tendon and tripe slices come as a bonus addition. Taste them with roasted peanuts and chopped cilantro, you will have a silvery experience of Sichuan cuisine.


Dry-Fried Chicken With Chilies

There is a good waiting list for chicken, as it is a common delicacy. If you take in yourself to be one in that waiting list, ask for Lazi Ji the Chongqing style. That is how dry-fried chicken is known in Sichuan. You will find a good number of chopped up chicken pieces soaked in soy sauce. The wide assortment of garlic, dried chillies and most interestingly Sichuan peppercorns will make it an exciting food experience.


Cold Diced Rabbit With Chilies and Peanuts

Some dishes are best served cold. Cold Diced Rabbit with chilies and peanuts are a classic example. Probably you may not have tried this delicacy before, as rabbits are not a common meat. So to say, you will find it a bit difficult to taste the little pieces of rabbit meat. But overall, you will get to taste the meat fried well on oil.


Mung Bean Jelly with Hot Sauce

If you are passionate about food soaked in hot sauce, then Mung Bean Jelly with hot sauce will be your favourite. Taste it slowly, and you will realize how unique its ingredients are. Mung Bean Jelly's real flavor comes when it is grilled in heat fused with roast and smoke along with sugar and vinegar.