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Decoupled CMS for Web Development and More

The evolution from websites to interactive web apps and the need for multi-channel publishing suggest to a decoupled architecture that leverages client-side frameworks are the next step for any CMS. Know more about what is Headless CMS and its characteristics.

What is Headless Drupal?

We're going to answer that question in this blog post. Let's try and understand what Headless Drupal is and who's using it.

The future of decoupled Drupal

Of all the trends in the web community, few are spreading more rapidly than decoupled (or "headless") content management systems (CMS). The evolution from websites to more interactive web applications and the need for multi-channel publishing suggest that moving to a decoupled architecture that leverages client-side frameworks is a logical next step for Drupal. For the purposes of this blog post, the term decoupled refers to a separation between the back end and one or more front ends instead of the traditional notion of service-oriented architecture.

Decoupling your CMS

Decoupling your CMS means new opportunities for collaboration, but also new possibilities to scale, more flexibility in implementation and the chance to realize the dream of multi channel content authoring.

Coupled Architecture

Generally speaking there are two main types of Web CMS architectures: coupled and decoupled.  Coupling refers to the relationship between the authoring tools and content delivery of your live site.

What are the examples of *decoupled/headless* CMSs?

WordPress REST API is now a part of Core WP, its predictable and easy to use. Its excellent option for developers working with WP an familiar with concepts of WP Post.

Headless Drupal CMS - Well Guided Secrets To Know

Drupal is highly functional as compared to other technology. Know how Drupal architecture can be controlled to segment front-end and back-end to ease the developers and deliver more interactive web application.