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Current Issues in Education

There are many issues in education right now. We have questions and there's a ton of dialogue going on. Lets discuss!

10 Steps to Improving Your English Language and Pronunciation Skills | Part 2

This post is the second in a series on How to Improve Your Eng...

More states requiring students to repeat a grade: Is it the right thing to do?

Thousands of third-graders may have a sense of déjà vu on the first day of school this year: The number of states that require third-graders to be held back if they can’t read increased to 13 in the last year.


Founded in 1943, ASCD (formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) is an educational leadership organization dedicated to advancing best practices and policies for the success of each learner. Our 175,000 members in 119 countries are professional educators from all levels and subject areas––superintendents, supervisors, principals, teachers, professors of education, and school board members.

Repeating a grade: The pros and cons | GreatKids

Grade retention or social promotion -- which is best? Read what the experts have to say.


Do you know anyone who has repeated a grade? Find out why this happens in this article for kids.

Why It's Time To Rethink (And Question) Homework

The concept of homework as we have known it in the past is changing rapidly, since it often distorts the overall picture of learning. Flipped classrooms, the ability to use the same technology and tools both in and out of the classroom, and personalized learning are making ripples in the education world.

5 Ways to Change Up Homework Time

Homework. I've pretty much despised that word since 1988 (give or take). Even back then, I knew that homework was good for me, in the very broad sense. I knew it helped me be better prepared for class, and I knew it helped me perform better on quizzes and tests.

U.S. Students Are Not Overburdened by Homework, Study Says

Anxiety that American students are being crushed by excessive amounts of homework is nothing new—in 1901, anti-homework crusaders succeeded in banning schoolwork at home for students under age 15 in California. (Their claim: school assignments threatened children's physical and mental health and usurped parents' authority.) But are students really overburdened with homework?

A Bullied Child Has Difficulty in Socializing

Alongside being disconnected with the people around him, a bullied child may find it difficult to work Research experts note that victims of bullying at young age had difficulty holding on to meaningful relationships such as marriage, friendships and closer ties with their parents when they grow up. A bullied child can feel that he may not gain anything from building new social relationships because of negative relationships back when he was still a child. They also find it hard to trust others, since they always think that other people might harm them or abuse them.

The Relationship between Bullying and Suicide

Media reports often link bullying with suicide. However, most youth who are bullied do not have thoughts of suicide or engage in suicidal behaviors.

Some children have been physically maimed and even driven to suicide.

They tied me to my bike with a rope and pushed the bike and let it go. I cut my face and my leg. They stood there laughing at me Sophie, 14

The Problem Is Gross School Lunch. These High Schoolers Are Fixing It.

A group of students at a Chicago public high school on the city's northwest side is calling for higher quality, healthier food to be served at their cafeteria -- inspiring real change that could be felt citywide. "We want our school to be better," Jacquez Conwell, a junior at Roosevelt High School participating in the student protest of the "crap" meals, told HuffPost.

5 Healthy and Kid-Friendly Meals for School Lunches

The new school year has begun and even if you prepared for weeks, the daily routine can get hectic very quickly. In the midst of all the tasks, sometimes lunches are the first thing to fall to the wayside.

What's in Your School Lunch?

Back to school season is a time for new experiences. Beginning a new school year brings excitement, anxiety, and new opportunities. As a parent, each school year brings new joys and concerns. It is important for parents to know who their child chooses as friends because we, as parents, cannot choose friends for them.

Struggling Readers

100 of the best, evidence-based resources for those who teach students with dyslexia. | See more about Dyslexia, Teaching Kids and Teaching.

Dear Teacher: Heartfelt Advice for Teachers from Students

Kids with a formal diagnosis, such as autism, Asperger's, ADHD, learning disabilities, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Central Auditory Processing Disorder ...

The effects of merit pay on student performance

interesting study about teacher salary and the effects of merit pay on student learning and performance.

Empathy in Action: How Teachers Prepare Future Citizens

Teachers are uniquely positioned to teach empathy, which will help children not only discover personal success, but also contribute to the betterment of society.

Realistic Pantry Organization Tips: Clutter Countdown

Oh yes, the pantry. Here are some simple pantry organization tips for the realistic pantry; the ones most of us own. | See more about Adhd, Teaching and Classroom.

Engaging Students With Learning Differences Early On

Help us caption and translate this video on Students with learning disabilities are twice as likely as their peers ...

Successful Strategies for Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities

Research continues to confirm that we can teach students with learning disabilities to “learn how to learn.” We can put them into a position to compete and hold their own.

Bullying Prevention

Center for Safe Schools Bullying Prevention Initiative provides resources for effective implementation, sustainability and evaluation of bullying prevention programs that contribute to changes in student attitudes and behavior, and positive school climate.

Tina Burns' Insight:
A great resource that includes information on bully prevention on a National level in schools across America. This resource will assist schools, districts, and communities as they implement this program in their schools.

President Obama & the First Lady: Conference on Bullying Prevention

The President and First Lady Michelle Obama discuss how we can all work together to end bullying as an accepted practice and create a safer environment for our kids to grow up in. March 10, 2011.

Tina Burns' Insight:
After watching this video, viewers will be able to gain insight from the President of the United States and First Lady Obama on how to put an end to bullying in our schools across America.Even includes personal stories!

Kids |

Kid-friendly tools to learn about bullying and how to prevent it.

Tina Burns' Insight:
Great resource that students can use that is filled with information that address bullying in schools such as: how to respond, how to get help, and the various types of bullying. Check out the facts, videos, games, and what you can do to prevent bullying in your schools!