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Headline for 21st Century Students 8th Grade Learners
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21st Century Students 8th Grade Learners

This list contains lesson plans to help 8th grade students develop the 8 most needed skills for their future.

8 Must Have Skills for the 21st Century Students:

  • Leadership
  • Digital Literacy
  • Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Citizenship
  • Problem Solving
  • Team-Working
Lesson Plan: Principles of Leadership: What Makes a Strong Leader? | The Principal Story | POV | PBS

Classrooms can use this lesson plan and its companion website resources to explore the nature of leadership. This plan is designed to be used with the film, The Principal Story, which follows the activities of both a veteran and a novice school principal during the course of a school year.

Digital Literacy In Your Classroom

While it's great to know what Digital Literacy is, why it's important, and how it affects us here in Canada, the real question is often how do I translate this into value for my learners.  Below are a number of links to sites that are geared towards activities and lesson plans designed to promote Digital Literacy. …

Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom: Activities and Conflict Resolution Skills

What is an Emotional Intelligence Classroom? Emotional intelligence is as important in today's schools as teaching math and reading. Daniel Goleman wrote a book about emotional intelligence and defines it as a set of skills students can learn to control impulses, to have empathy, and to improve personal relationships. When teachers teach about conflict resolution, they can use these ideas to create a more positive classroom atmosphere. Students will learn how to define the conflict, control their impulses, brainstorm solutions, have empathy for peers, and put their solution into action during emotional intelligence activities.

educational tools

You’ll discover an entrepreneur is som

10 tips to promote global citizenship in the classroom

Assemblies, activities and goals to stimulate your global citizens

No Quick Fix? Developing Problem-Solving Skills

Lesson Plan | Thinking through problems in schools to find creative, practical solutions.

     Problem Solving Lesson

Level Goals: Students will recognize geometric relationships in
buildings and structures around them. Students will be able to reason why
structures around them are made the way they are, and will be able to apply
these concepts.

Teamwork Lesson for Learning to Work Together (6th Grade)

What does it mean to be a team? To be able to work together to succeed. We review what it means to succeed and have goals.

What Characteristics do You Want on Your Team? A School Activity to Teach Teamwork Skills

This simple teamwork game helps students learn about their own teamwork skills and the importance of teamwork in preparation for later adult life and the workforce. Promoting teamwork is essential for many reasons: effective classroom management, cohesiveness, tolerance and acceptance and development of lifelong learning skills to name a few. This activity will have students choose team members from a list to achieve an important task.