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eLearning Software

Quickclass aims to provide film learners and educators around the world with the most helpful.


Online Teaching Software

Quickclass creates a digital space for mobile and tablet access to just about every aspect of knowledge about a film or media related course imaginable.

Film Educational Apps for Schools

Quickclass, virtual learning environment for film schools to teach filmmaking. Purpose-built platform for private, flipped, goal-orientated learning.

Effectively Investing in Education Tech - Quickclass

Whilst the vast majority of teachers appreciate how essential technology has become in their classrooms, especially in film and media related courses, with this has come an increasingly complex minefield of options to best utilise technology for the benefits of learning.

Utilizing the Power Film Learning

If you want to know where to get started with Film learning with Educators and young people, start with Quickclass. It’s emerged as one of the front-running virtual Film learning environments.

Study Filmmaking App

Are you a filmmaking learner looking for easy to use film e learning software or mobile apps? Quickclass Virtual Learning Environment offers an affordable solution to study filmmaking.

Hollywood vs the UK Film Industry - Quickclass

Hollywood has long dominated the UK’s box-office receipts. there’s no disputing the fact. And although there’s been a decade long surge in the numbers working in UK Film production.

6 Great Reasons To Be a Technology Early Adopter - Quickclass

You’re an innovator, you like to be one of the first ones to spot and adopt the Next Big Thing, and even use it like no one ever has before you. You believe there’s no such thing as 100% optimal, but are willing to strive and experiment, and tweak and learn from mistakes to get pretty darned close.

Learners Who Need Filmmaking Online

There is a film education software that will make you learn and understand the filmmaking so quickly and effortlessly that will blow your mind.

Introducing Documentaries in the Classroom - Quickclass

Students are easily distracted and distant in lessons, and pedagogy will have to evolve to create new frameworks in which students are able to connect with their lessons and subjects.

Online Film Making Schools and it's Advantages

When we watch movies like Spiderman, King Kong and Star Wars, we often wish we could make movies like that

Why Passion Isn’t Always Enough - Quickclass

This might sound backwards, even nonsensical or illogical. But being overly passionate about your project can make you feel like every decision you make is the right one when, to be realistic, you can’t always get everything right.

How to Use Quickclass Film Educational Software: Request a Free Demo

Want to know how Quickclass filmmaking e-learning apps and software work for teachers, students and trainers? Request a free demo now.

Quickclass Virtual Learning Environments

With both the emergence of technologies being introduced into education as well as students’ growing digital literacy.

Right Platform of the Online Teaching

Film educational software for schools is now completing all teaching and training needs of the millions of students those required the careful analysis of the software features.

Virtual Film Educational Apps for Schools

Quickclass, virtual learning environment for film schools to teach filmmaking. Purpose-built platform for private, flipped, goal-orientated learning.

Why consider non-Google education platforms? - Quickclass

If you weren’t aware, Google have created their own virtual learning environment called Google Classroom. It’s a decent VLE, with a number of useful features. So far, so good!

e-Learning and Mobile Learning Software

Many of the features commonly found in virtual learning environment software. quick and easy communication with students.

Try Best Education Apps for Teachers and Trainers

Quickclass education apps for teachers and trainers, Virtual learning environment helps teachers and individual trainers mentor Filmmaking students in an effective way.

8 Ways to Up Your Cinematography with Just a Tripod

Do you appreciate anything near the full potential of your tripod? If not, don’t feel bad; imagining the creative and cinematic possibilities of such an unspectacular and uncinematic piece of gear is a challenge.

The Power of Quiet – Silence in Filmmaking

The oft-used phrase “show, don’t tell” is one of the first filmmaking tips that anyone beginning to learn their craft will be taught.

Easiest Way to Learn Filmmaking

Now a days there are lots of e-Learning apps available which can help you learn and practice without someone’s assistance.

5 Filmmaking Tips for Creating Practical Gore Effects

Halloween is fast approaching, and this might have started your creative juices flowing. No good horror film is complete without a good dose of gore special effects.

Film Software Learn and Try New Things

Going to film learning school or want to improve your film-making skills. Get extra help from film-making software.

Music Licensing: Everything You Need to Know as a Filmmaker

We know music can make a movie. You can hear a piece of music and instantly link it to a film. Those iconic pieces of music make a film memorable, but how do you get that music into your film?

Way to Start Learn Filmmaking

Quickclass is the e-Learning platform to learn the best filmmaking techniques. Are you ready to start study filmmaking online.