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Headline for Chinese food culture and eating customs
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Chinese food culture and eating customs

Learning about Chinese food culture and eating customs to become an expert in this topic.

How to Eat in China — Chinese Dining Etiquette

The Chinese earnings customs.
I learnt that you always have to wait for your elders to be seated and then you can sit and wait for your elders to say that it is fine to start eating.
The host always dishes out for you.
Poking, licking your chopsticks is a sign of disrespect.
At a Resturant tea is served while you are reading the menu to order.
The seating arrangement is the most important part of the meal.

Chinese Food

I knew that there was Chinese food and I thought that it was just one topic belonging to country but I discovered that in different parts of China they have signature dishes that belong to that place.
I learnt that the spicier food comes from Central China and the sweet and light food comes from Easteren China.
I also learnt about the religious and health foods.


Chinese table layout.

Chinese table layout.

This is a picture of how people in China would sit around a table and how the food is prepared and placed on the table.
The table would usually be round.

Chinese Favrioute foods, spices and a description of where and what Chinese food is.

This is a really great website because it teaches you:

  • Facts that you probably didn't know about Chinese food
  • 8 most popular dishes in China
  • Explains what Chinese food is.
  • Tells you all about the spices and ingredients that the Chinese use to cook with.
7 Most Popular Chinese Cooking Methods

I have learnt that Chinese cooking has a perticular method that maybe someone in your household might use to cook and didn't even know they were using the Chinese method. It is very interesting to learn about how they use different ways to cook.


Chew mein

Chew mein