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Chinese invetions- English project 2016

I believe that this video gives a brief explanation of the invention of gunpowder. It helped me to understand how indeed the chinese came about this invention.
Watch up to three minutes to recieve a sufficient understanding.

Gunpowder was first discovered in China in the 9th century. The discovery appears to have been by accident by alchemists seeking the elixir of immortality, and the first references to gunpowder appear as warnings in alchemy texts not to mix certain materials together. By the 10th century, gunpowder began to be used for military purposes in China in the form of rockets and explosive bombs fired from catapults. The first reference to cannon appears in 1126 when oil bamboo tubes were used to launch missiles at the enemy.
In China as in Europe, the use of gunpowder to produce firearms and cannon was delayed by difficulties in creating metal tubes that would contain an explosion. This problem may have led to the false myth that the Chinese used their discovery only for the manufacture of fireworks. In Beijing their walls were specifically designed to withstand artillery attacks, the walls were short, squat and thick.

Therefore I conclude that the invention of gunpowder was a very useful invention that was widely used. And still today it is widely used for weapons such as guns.




Acupuncture is a system of medicine in which fine needles are inserted in the skin at specific points , along
lines of energy (meridians)in the body. Acupuncture is used in the treatment of various physical and mental conditions.

Acupuncture improves the body’s functions and promotes the natural self-healing process by stimulating specific anatomic sites, which are commonly referred to as acupuncture points, or acupoints. The most common method used to stimulate acupoints is to insert fine, sterile needles into the skin. Pressure, heat, or electrical stimulation may further enhance the effects.


The origin of acupuncture

The origin of acupuncture

The origin of acupuncture comes from ancient China. Legend has it, that many years ago a Chinese soldier developed a stiff and painful shoulder, which we all now know as a frozen shoulder. He went to his doctor who despite his best efforts could not help him. So the soldier gradually accepted the idea of having to deal with the pain. However, one day, during a battle, a miracle occurred. He was wounded in his leg with an arrow and suddenly his shoulder ,which had been stiff and painful for many years, was now able to move freely again without pain. When the soldier returned to his village, he told his doctor how his frozen shoulder had been miraculously cured. The doctor carefully examined his leg but could not understand how an arrow in the leg was able to cure a frozen shoulder. Another patient with a frozen shoulder was waiting to see the doctor. He overheard this story and asked the doctor if he could try the treatment on him. The doctor thought it was a rather silly idea, but since he had been treating this patient for many months without success, he decided to try it as he had no better option. He took an arrow and, cautiously jabbed it into the patient's leg, at approximately the same spot where the soldier had been wounded. Wonders of wonders, the pain in the shoulder disappeared! In a few minutes the patient was able to move his shoulder freely and painlessly.

However, the real and more logical explanation behind the invention of acupuncture is as follows:

The oldest known book about Chinese medicine is the "Neiching", also known as "The Yellow Emperor's classic of internal medicine". It is believed that the Yellow Emperor lived around 2700 B.C. The book indicates that acupuncture was widely practiced in China much before the time it was written.


3 Interesting facts about acupuncture

3 Interesting facts about acupuncture
  1. Acupuncture can be done to many parts of your body; including your hands, feet, back, face, legs etc. You hav 12 main meridians in your body where the needles are inserted

  2. Acupuncture is not only done on humans, it may also be done on many animals, such as dogs or horses.

  3. When you go for acupuncture treatment sometimes it takes only one session to feel relief and be cured.


The invention and orgin of gunpowder

The invention and orgin of gunpowder

Now we know that gun powder originated in China, and it thought to be hundreads of years old.
The Chinese began experimenting with the gunpowder filled tubes. At some point, they attached bamboo tubes to arrows and launched them with bows. Soon they discovered that these gunpowder tubes could launch themselves just by the power produced from the escaping gas. The true rocket was born.
Whilst I was researching I came across a link that I thought was rather instresting. Apparently you are able to make gunpowder out of urine. I chose not to watch this link, however I'm sure it could be quite and interesting topic.
I also read that it is possible for gunpowder to whiten your teeth.


The ingredients of gunpowder

The ingredients of gunpowder

Gunpowder is now made up of just three things:
1. Charcoal
2. Potassium Nitrate- which causes it to be explosive
3. Sulphur



Goodmorning class,
My topic is about Chinese Inventions
When we started this topic I rated myself a 2.
However after all my research I am happy to say that i am now able to rate myself a 8.
Let me show why I believe I should be rated an 8 for my knowledge on Chinese Inventions