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21st Century 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Learners

Lessons on Social Interaction (Leadership)

This link provides a lesson that teaches students about the qualities of being an effective leader utilizing the online game, World of Warcraft. This game lends itself to students working individually or in groups to achieve various goals. There are other resources, utilizing this game, that teachers can use to teach a variety of subjects/concepts to their students: problem solving, team work, effective communication, math lessons, language arts lessons, etc.

Citizenship (Emotional Intelligence)

This lesson provides students with the opportunity to learn about emotional intelligence through the concept of citizenship. The concept of emotional intelligence (citizenship) is embedded in a social studies PBL unit on the relationship between Physical and Human Geography and how this plays a part in shaping our lives (viewpoints, culture, etc.).

Improving Speaking Skills with Poetry Podcasting (Communication)

This lesson provides students with the opportunity to develop their public speaking skills and learning to work with other classmates. Students are given the task of writing a short poem and then creating a podcast which is played for the class. Students evaluate their peers and perform a self-evaluation utilizing a rubric. The results are then discussed by the teacher and class. This lesson could be adapted for other subjects as well.

Team Work

This project involves students working in teams to create a carnival ride (simple machines and motors) using legos. The project also has the students create a part for their ride that will enhance the performance of it utilizing a 3D Printer and design software (STEM). The students are assigned various roles and must work together to create their final project.

Problem Solving

Students are divided into teams of 4 and given the task of planning, designing, and building a bridge with toothpicks that would be able to withstand the most weight. The students are given a "budget" and have to submit their plans to the teacher for approval. This activity teaches the students to not only problem solve, but also to work as a unit to construct their bridge.

Digital Literacy

This lesson, provided through Microsoft, gives students an overview of the concept of digital literacy. It provides time for class or small group discussions. There is also a component that allows for the students to continue with a Skype lesson, guest speaker, or they can take one of several virtual field trips.


This lesson provides students with the opportunity to explore the concept of entrepreneurship through the task of starting their own business. They have to come up with their own idea for their business, research information on members of their community who have started their own business, invite them to hear their business proposals, and then present their findings. One option is to have the teams present their ideas to the class first, discuss as a whole which ones are the best, and then narrow it down to three to present to the panel of business leaders. This activity also teaches the students the concepts/skills of teamwork and problem solving.

Global Citizenship

This web quest provided by UNICEF provides students the opportunity to explore global citizenship and U.S. citizenship. It allows the students to make connections between the two and to explore how compatible these two ideas are.