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21st Century Six Grade Learners

This is a list of lesson plans for 21st-century skills for six-grade learners.

Lesson 1: What Makes a Leader?

Students will identify characteristics of leadership by researching the lives of great American leaders.

Digital Literacy

Students work in teams to create a home page or small Web site based on a different theme related to a recent history or social studies lessons.

Emotional Intelligence

Lessos plans on emotional states based on subjects such as art, language arts, health, math, science, social studies and technology


Students will become online entrepreneurs, taking risks and changing their production method to increase their profit while running a lemonade stand.

Global Citizen

Lesson plans about global families and culture. Student will gain knowledge about their own family traditions by comparing them to other global families.

Problem solving, writing solutions

Lesson plan concerning problem solving and developing solutions with students requesting parents to describe real-life problems at work place.

Team Work

“Circles of Strength” is a lesson designed to help students reflect upon how they are part of many different community “circles” within the “Circle of Life.” As members of the “Circle of Life” and as citizens of those communities, students will begin to reflect upon how their attitudes and actions “shape” and influence those community circles. Through this process of guided discussion and personal reflection, students will reflect upon the core values of respect, responsibility, caring and citizenship as they consider how they might utilize their personal strengths and uniqueness to strengthen the circles in which they live and expand their circles by respecting the abilities, gifts and perspectives of others. The students will work together as a team to design and create a mural for the school reflecting students' personal strengths.


Lesson plans on communication in various subject areas such as art, language arts, health, math, science, social studies and technology.