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Headline for 21st Century High School 12th grade Learners
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21st Century High School 12th grade Learners

A list of 21st Century lesson plans geared towards 8 skills that help the growth of students and their learning in the 21st Century.

Leadership lesson plans, High Character

Respect means treating others as you want to be treated.
Respect means recognizing the value of people, property and the environment.

Lesson Plans - Grades 9-12- digital literacy

Database of tons of lesson plans dealing with digital literacy and 21st century learning

Lesson | Communication Lesson Plan | Drawing Lesson Improves Communication Skills

Teacher-Submitted Lesson: This simple, fun partner activity develops students' communication skills.

Comunication Unit

Lesson plans to build communication skills on our students. Lesson Helps students learn communication styles, constructive and destructive methods of communication, listening skills, non-verbal communication, and conflict resolution.

Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom: Activities and Conflict Resolution Skills

What is an Emotional Intelligence Classroom? Emotional intelligence is as important in today's schools as teaching math and reading. Daniel Goleman wrote a book about emotional intelligence and defines it as a set of skills students can learn to control impulses, to have empathy, and to improve personal relationships. When teachers teach about conflict resolution, they can use these ideas to create a more positive classroom atmosphere. Students will learn how to define the conflict, control their impulses, brainstorm solutions, have empathy for peers, and put their solution into action during emotional intelligence activities.

Emotional Intelligence Activities for Kids

My kids need to learn emotional intelligence so what emotional intelligence activities that I can use to teach kids EQ to help with emotional self-awareness and emotional self-management?

Can I be an entrepreneur?

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Clarence Page tells the story of young budding entrepreneurs across the country and the programs created to foster their interest and understanding of the free-market.

Lesson Plan

This lesson will help students learn about entrepreneurs in today's society and how they got started in the world of business and became successful at it. This lesson reinforces textbook chapters on the history of entrepreneurship and what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

Global Citizenship

The Global Citizenship topic provides educators the tools to begin infusing education for global citizenship in their existing curriculum in meaningful ways. The unit offers an introduction to foundational concepts that serve as a springboard for further investigation of global issues through other TeachUNICEF units and the growing body of global education resources available today.

Five-Minute Film Festival: Developing Global Citizens

Looking for resources to foster students’ global competence and develop global citizen leaders? This playlist of videos and other resources provides ideas and inspiration.

No Quick Fix? Developing Problem-Solving Skills

How can real problems be approached and analyzed in ways that lead to practical solutions? What distinguishes effective solutions from ineffective ones? In this lesson, students consider how to work through a practical problem. They identify problems in their school that need fixing, then devise viable solutions to one of those problems, using problem-solving models and drawing on strategies like the social science of behavioral change. They then test some of their proposed solutions in the field and propose them to the school.

6 Awesome Cooperative Classroom Games

By using cooperative games, students will become critical thinkers, learn to work with one another, and apply these skills to accomplish team goals.