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The Story of My Life - Episode 1

Getting rich was my main focus. After a whole day of hustling and hanging out with the boys, I get home to my single room apartment with a plate of already cooked indomie which cost me N120. That was the life of a pure “Bachelor”. Not a bachelor of any academic course but a bachelor of being single.

The Story of My Life – Episode 2

“Was wondering if we could go and sit somewhere and have breakfast”

Did she just say that or was I daydreaming?

The Story of My Life – Episode 3

The next thing I knew, handcuffs were being placed on hands and I was being led away in a vehicle to the police station. I had no idea what I had done.

This is where my Story begins…

The Story of My Life - Episode 4

I kept asking myself how come she wasn’t wearing a ring.

For a moment, I wished I was actually put behind bars. It would have been better than discovering and living with the fact that Sheila was married.

The Story of My Life – Episode 10 - Davina Diaries

Yes, I was dead.

That explained why people couldn’t notice me, because I now existed in the spirit world where the dead couldn’t speak to the living but only to those who really matter to them. It was too late. I saw my lifeless body on the hospital bed and tears came down from eyes.

The Story of My Life – Episode 13

The next thing I saw was myself at the hospital with a doctor attending to me. I could feel pains all over my body and that made me very weak. I tried sitting up but the doctor didn’t allow me. It was a she. Her voice alone made me forget the pain I was in. It was very tiny and sweet. She wore a pair of glasses and her lips were so nice that she actually looked like a goddess.

The Story of My Life – Episode 15

Ok, you have Sheila who I can’t be with because she is my sister. You also have Paula my crush, you got her pregnant, I can settle for that. But now, the Doctor too? Somehow, Roland just kept getting in my way. As long as Roland remained in the picture, I will never find my suitor.

The Story of My Life – Episode 5

When he saw me seated at the dining table, I sensed that he was surprised. It had been ages since we actually saw. We practically hated each other so we didn’t even try to catch up on old times or exchange pleasantries....

The Story of My Life – Episode 6

As my Aunty and I walked towards him, you could he was also very shocked. Nothing could have prepared us both for this. Sheila was seated outside in the...

The Story of My Life - Episode 7

Sheila broke the silence when she told me to come closer. I didn’t hesitate; I kept looking at her as I moved towards her. Her father was still behind me...

The Story of My Life – Episode 8

So it meant Roland was the man behind all her complains all along. He does the dirty job and I do the cleaning up. Somehow, it seemed Roland was in my way all the time. From school days till now. He was able to marry my sister, who I happen to love and has now impregnated my number one crush, Paula.

For a moment, I felt like he had gotten away with everything but I quickly realized that this could actually be my opportunity to turn things against him.

The Story of My Life - Episode 9 - Davina Diaries

“Ben, I’m very sorry about what happened” Sheila said.

“Oh don’t worry, you know we got this worked out already.” I said.

“I have to go now, don’t forget to be on time. Paula will be there as early as 7am” She said as I went to see her off.

Paula was to meet us at our father’s house. Roland and our father would have been there by then.

The Story of My Life – Episode 11 - Davina Diaries

It suddenly occurred to me as I stood there that while Sheila could see me, Roland couldn’t. Hmmmmm, This was indeed the beginning of my life after death mission on earth where I would be faced with realities and superstitions.

The Story of My Life – Episode 12

That was the least I could do. I saw him off to the main gate and went back inside to prepare for my meeting with Sheila.

The Story of My Life – Episode 14 - Davina Diaries

“You must be Sheila.” Dr. Amina asked, turning to see the person who had walked in.

“Yes, yes Doctor, how is he? Sheila asked.

“Well, as you can see, he is improving. Let me allow you two talk. Miss Sheila, Please try and see me before you leave.” She said and left.