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Spa Pedicure Salon

Pedisource is your one stop source for nail salon furniture, wholesale spa equipment's, furniture and seating all at affordable cost with Financing available.


Learn how to do nails in a professional environment! Here at Pedisource!

Independence Plumbing Free Portable Pedicure Spa

Pedisource offers the highest quality portable, no plumbing, plumbing free Independence pedicure spas, and many more brands and colors to choose from!


Seat Cushion Thickness: 3.5"

Floor to Seat Height: 18"

Back Cushion Height: 21"

Back Cushion Width: 19"

Seat Cushion Width: 19.5"

Seat Cushion Depth: 18"
Things that Your Pedicurist Isn’t Doing Well

There are a lot of health concerns raised by medical professionals regarding pedicure treatment. Everyone says that it’s unsafe, that it can lead to infections, that it can cause problems, etc. A salon or spa with great and vigilant technicians would never experience this problem. Unfortunately, if the spa doesn’t have great and vigilant technicians, there’s a likelihood that a client will suffer from infection.

At Pedi Source, we always encourage spa owners to keep an eye on their technicians so that they don’t make mistakes. Here are some of the signs that you need to watch out for.

8 Facts about Pedicures

Pedicures are actually good for you & your health. If any queries about Pedicures, then learn this 8 facts about pedicures.

Choosing the Right Spa for Your Health - LERA Blog

Visiting a spa is a great way to relax and let go of the stress, but it's not always a healthy option. Most people would choose a spa that has the best reputation and the best treatments. People rarely consider their health when they visit these establishments. It's always a good idea to choose a spa that wouldn't harm you in any way, and still offer all the benefits that you want from it. Consider the following points before you plan your next spa trip. It would benefit your health.

How to Prepare for a Pedicure Chair Shipment

Congratulations, you’ve now booked a new spa chair and it’s due to arrive at your door step in just a few days. You’re probably excited, anxiously awaiting the new addition, eager to show it off to your employees and your customers. That’s great and you’ll surely attract new customers with your newer pedicure chairs. But are you and your spa ready for the new arrivals? Have you prepared well enough? At Pedi Source, we ask you to consider the following points:

Pedicure Tips For the Summer

A professional pedicure will ensure your feet look great and your nails are perfectly shaped. However, if you don’t have time for a professional service, we have some tips that would help you get the best possible feet right at home.


The Mini-Massage Bar offers all the functionality you need in a compact and highly mobile fashion. Read more

La Plumeria Portable Pedicure Chair

The La Plumeria Portable Pedicure Chair if a plumbing free portable pedicure spa chair by Gulfstream featuring full function shiatsu massage, two portable bowl colors to choose from, plenty of chair top color options, and a pipeless jet motor!


This classic design includes a built-in Jeffco shampoo bowl; choose 8300, 8400, or 8900 bowl. Includes fixtures, but vacuum breaker is additional. Read more


Its two toned style of contrasting black and brown will add style and enhance any salon decor. Read more

PediSource - Aubrey Pedi Trolley

The VNLS630A2 Aubrey Pedi Trolley is a wonderful option for any salon. Its small and compact taking up very little space. Read more

Tips To Avoid an Ingrown Toenail

That’s not hard because all you need to do is follow a proper foot care routine. If you take care of your feet and keep them clean, you’ll be able to keep problems like ingrown nails and infections at bay. Here are some suggestions that would help you avoid them.

Aero Shampoo Shuttle with Porcelain Tilting Bowl

606.8700 Aero shampoo shuttle with porcelain tilting bowl is a great hair furniture. Order it now to avail special offer discounts!

Features heavy-duty Matte Black laminated plywood chassis for long-life, oversized black porcelain shampoo bowl that tilts, and seat-slide adjusts chair front-to-back

How To Take Care Of Cuticles And Nails

At Pedi Source, we encourage people to take good care of your hands and feet because they’re often the most ignored parts of a person’s body, especially cuticles and nails. Here is some information about how to take care of cuticles and nails.

Advantage Of Buying Wholesale Pedicure Products

Modern pedicure chairs are very sophisticated and are made from great quality materials. This means they’re relatively expensive and most people will hesitate to invest in new chairs.

A Spectacular Foot Massage For Great Relaxation

A Pampering pedicure treatment includes a soothing and very relaxing foot massage; this is one of the steps on a pedicure procedure that people really loves.

Quest For Streamlined Selling Of Pedicure Chairs

The quest for a more stylish and convenient pedicure chairs has paved the way to many online sellers boasting a wide range of pedicure chairs to sell. The price has significantly dropped off.

Cleo AX Pedicure Chair

The revamped Cleo AX pedicure chair features a wider massage chair width, armrests with a cherry wood finish, and foldable manicure trays to satisfy your clientele. It also features a sturdy base reinforced with a layer of acrylic safeguards for extra durability.

Daisy 3 Pedicure Chair

The Daisy 3 Pedicure Chair is a newly designed pedi unit by Gulfstream featuring an all new Cleanjet Max Pipe Free Whirlpool System and top of the line shiatsu massage chair.

La Lili 4 Pedicure Chair

Simplicity at its best and even includes free shipping for all orders of four or more!!! Ask about the La Lili 4 pedicure chair today!

Chi Spa Pedicure Chair

The Chi Spa Pedicure Chair from Gulfstream will inspire a zen like feel in your spa and includes free shipping for all orders of four or more!! call today @ +1 855-429-7334, 770-875-2599, 770-872-0862

Ecco Varisi Pedicure Spa Chair

Product Description:-

  1. Custom Order Only 60-90 days lead time
  2. Minimum Order Quantity is 4 units
  3. Pipe-less Jet System
  4. Crystal Resin Bowl, no breaking, cracking guaranteed.
  5. Full Function Massage System
Lotus Pipeless Pedicure Bath

The Lotus Rectangular Pipeless Pedicure Bath stimulates key areas on the feet, releasing tension, restoring balance, and improving overall energy flow and wellness.

Selena Double Pedicure Bench

Pedisource is your trustest source for the all new Selena Double Pedicure Bench from Gulfstream, which can be customized to a single, triple, or more! The possibilities are endless!