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Writing Craft Articles

My observations on writing, the craft of storytelling and what you can do to make writing easier, better and more fulfilling.

Writing Craft: On Writing Speculative Fiction

Why write speculative fiction? The answers are varied, numerous and wonderful; speculative fiction is designed to create new worlds.

Writing Craft: What Nobody Ever Told Me — The Writing Cooperative

In the beginning, your skill is not equal to your taste…

Writing Craft: Kill Your TV!

Kill Your TV!

I say this ubiquitous eye, this cyclopean mind thief, stealing your thoughts, your volition, your dreams, this procrastination machine, this time bandit, a beast not content with your mind, but one bound to seek the depths of your soul, using whatever means, religion, misinformation, sexual frustration, sits waiting every night ready for you to be too tired, to be too stressed to resist its sirenesque charms; stealing from you, one minute at a time, your irreplaceable, your non-renewable, non-refundable, living covenant with reality, heading in one direction, ever toward your end, the fuel for all of your creativity, endeavors and accomplishments: your time.

Writing Craft: When Your Muse is on Strike – Thaddeus Howze – Medium

As writers, we’ve all experienced days where our creative muse seem to fly right out into traffic and gets summarily run over. What can you do to establish writer-to-muse resuscitation?

Writing Craft: “Welcome to Ruts-ville, USA.”

Your mission: Escaping the writing doldrums

Writing Craft: Prioritize for Success

What do you do when everyday issues (paying bills, answering the phone, etc.) seem to comprise the majority of your day, leaving a small…

Writing Craft: Blogging & the Nascent Writer

Consistent blogging can help you find your way as a new writer

Writing Craft: I’m seventeen and not a famous writer yet.

I’m despondent. I’m afraid of losing my passion. Should I give up?

Writing Craft: How can I tell if I am naturally a good writer? — The Creators Path

Natural talent: What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

Writing Craft: So you want to be a digital story-teller, eh?

If you just experienced a moment of nostalgia (or horror) it’s okay. This is one of the earliest forms of digital storytelling as we might recognize it today. This was one of the most complete tools…

Writing Craft: Writers of the 21st Century Unite! — The Creative Cafe

If you want to be a Writer, ignore everything you just read.

Writing Craft: Research for the Win

Think about the Future!
As writers of science fiction we are often asked to extrapolate the future. One of the reason I think science fiction has been recently suffering from a bad case of dystopia, is when writers try to predict the future, they are finding the pace of transformation between ideas and facts to be breathtaking.

Writing Craft: Peering Beneath the Waves at the Leviathan

“Writing about writing is an excellent way to learn, refine and gain perspective on one’s own writing. Undertaking what we might be unqualified for, leverages us into realms of perception hitherto unknown.”

— From: Writing Tips to Myself, Syl Sabastian

Writing Craft — Getting Past Writer’s Block – Thaddeus Howze – Medium

*It’s the beginning of the year and Writer’s Block conversations are starting up all over the Internet. It is a common fear among new writers: What do I do when I can’t make myself write…

Here’s my prescription for this paralyzing but non-fatal disease of the mind. If you have writer’s block, here are some exercises which work for me and might work for you as well.