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This is about empowers minds and inspire hearts & provides thoughtful, biblical perspectives on theology, church news.


Do you understand the power in the shed blood of Jesus?

Do you know that there’s power in Jesus’ blood? Every covenant is sealed with blood, and in the case of The New Testament, it was sealed with the blood of Jesus. The Christian faith is anchored on the shed blood of Jesus, and an understanding of its power and the benefits will help you apply your faith to it.

Christ, Culture and The Generation Gap

Every coin has two sides. If we look at one only, the true picture cannot be judged so it is convincible to conclude with the unbiased result for any religion.


Every religion has their own culture and beliefs that no any other religion can abide unless and until it is hurting the authenticity of their own religion. What was believed to be there in earlier times is slammed by the youth of the generation and they rely on the freedom of mind and activities.

They believe in freedom in doing their work and preach what they like and belief that has some logic behind it. But, just the fact with the saying that people used to say this does not convinces them anymore to do it in their life. The generation gap between the elders and today’s youth is mainly due to this religion bias for different people.

4 ways to build your vision

No matter how novel an idea is, it will remain just an idea until something happens to propel it from the realm of vision to tangible reality. Your success or failure in transforming an idea or desire that is implanted in your mind into a viable enterprise is largely determined by your knowledge and application of certain principles and building blocks.

The Prayers, Fears and Dreams of Church Leaders

Martin Luther King, Jr. said it, “I have a dream.” Everyone at one time or another has said, “I’m afraid.” Leaders are not excluded from these dreams and fears.

I find it interesting that sometimes the person with the most knowledge and experience makes the least application of that knowledge and experience in their own lives. It’s kind of like the plumber who always has the leaky faucet at home. Or the doctor who is way overweight and eats the greasiest food he can find.

Dealing with betrayal from a church leader

What happens when you receive betrayal from a church leader and the people around him?

Your pastor and their spouse are suppose to be the people you can turn too in times of discomfort, people that you can share your secrets too. But what do you do when that trust gets broken?

Normally it is the members of the church that gossips about the pastor, but what do you do if it’s the other way round?

50 Great Inspirational Quotes for Entrepreneurs and Leaders

The hustle and bustle of our daily lives have a way of pulling us in different directions that either make or break our day. There is nothing as refreshing as seeking solace in the Word of God and encouragement from great quotes. Here are 50 inspiring quotes that challenge, encourage, inspire and motivate me every time. I hope they inspire and challenge you too.

All That Glitters is Gold in The Palace of Versailles, France

I love travelling. I really do! The sights, people, culture, food and the history of a new city always leaves me motivated and in awe of our Creator. Paris was one of the two destinations I picked to explore this past summer and I am glad I did.

How To Travel Like A Flight Attendant

Before I begin each trip, I plan ahead what I want to wear and bring on my journey. For 2-4 day trips I will carry 2-3 outfits, and 2 pairs of shoes. For overnight trips, I carry as less as possible.

How To Avoid A Broken Heart

On any given day, people are enrolling in the school of hard knocks and taking classes that studying the Word of God, wisdom and experience could have helped them avoid.

10 Interesting Things To Do In Milan, Italy

Visiting Milan, Italy was not on my 2015 to-do list until out of the blue, an incredible Emirates Airlines travel alert popped up on my computer screen. It was a lip-smacking round trip offer that had me exclaiming “Mama mia.” After confirming its authenticity on the airline’s website, the non-existent chance of going to Milan in 2015 reversed to a top priority. Restlessness seized me for a few days until I bought airline tickets for me and my two sons.

Shanghai and Beijing: My Tale Of Two Beautiful Cities

When an opportunity to travel to Shanghai, China, dangled on the window of my mind, I flung open the door of my heart and received it without hesitation. My first trip to Shanghai, China, in 2012 thrust me in a shock bubble. I was stunned at how advanced the Chinese are in terms of economic growth and infrastructure. My only setback then was I had no time to explore the city.


Christian Magazines Online

Christian Magazines Online

You are very precious in God's eyes. Have #faith.

Man’s Emotional Reunion with his Mother 10 Years Later

You would think I visited an onion factory after I watched this video. With all the hate going on in today’s world, it was truly refreshing watching a gentle giant expressing - See more at:

Celebrating Father's Day Amid rising Fatherlessness

"If it were classified as a disease, fatherlessness would be an epidemic worthy of attention as a national emergency."

Take Charge of Conflict Before it Takes Charge of You

The drama that often accompanies conflict is what gives conflict its bad name. Most of us veer away from screaming matches, stand offs and personal attacks. But, conflict does have redeeming value…

When is A Door Not a Door?

Your answer to the door question hinges (har har) on whether you believe that identity is a function of being or a function of doing.

Brother, Are You Missing in Action?

But the LORD God called to the man, “Where are you?”

Think about the question, Adam, where are you? (Notice that God did not call out to the woman.)

Did God ask this question because He didn’t know where Adam was? No, the reason He asked the question was because He wanted Adam to realize where he was, and where he wasn’t. When we as men go astray from God, we should seriously consider where we are and where we aren’t; we are afar off from God, all that is good, in the midst of our enemies, in bondage to Satan, and in the high road to utter ruin. So where was man, and where is he right now? He is M.I.A (Missing In Action). It has become evident to me that even though time has changed, man has not. Thousands of years later, God is still asking the question “Man, where are you?”

No Matter What, Never Lose Hope!!

Hope is defined as expectation of something happening.

You will notice that anybody that has ever achieved notable success in anything in this life achieved it because they never lost the hope of achieving that success. This fact holds true even in the body of Christ because it is God ordained. The spiritual weight of having hope and never losing it is more than that of the human effort that is put into achieving any desired goal.

All efforts and no hope always end in futility because at the slightest resistance, efforts wane and fail without hope remaining strong.....

Book Review: Open Heart | Open Mind

Clara Hughes grew up in a Canadian family that had a lot of problems. Even though her father was a respected university professor, his drinking caused havoc for Clara, her mother and sister. He never encouraged Clara, even after she had become successful in sports.

How Mothers Day Came About -

May is a time we get many reminders to pause and take time to acknowledge the contributions of mothers to our lives. Depending on one’s experience with their mother it can be a time of celebration or a time of feeling disconnected and out of sink with the rest of the world.

Mannaexpress - How Doris Hanson Escaped From A Life Of Polygamy

Doris Hanson knew nothing but fear throughout her formative years because of physical and emotional abuse. That’s why she resolved early on to flee before she’d be forced into a polygamist marriage of her own.

Do You Know Who You Are - Manna Express

As new creations in Jesus Christ we are more than just the titles we wear in the natural realm. But unfortunately most people identify themselves more with the natural titles, than with the supernatural ones they were given on the day they said yes to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Manna Express - Never Lose Hope

This fact holds true even in the body of Christ because it is God ordained. The spiritual weight of having hope and never losing it is more than that of the human effort that is put into achieving any desired goal.

Natural Ways To Remove Toxins - Manna Express

What started out as learning techniques to save money turned into a passion for removing toxins from my body and living as toxic free as possible.

Manna Express - Money Management Lessons

Teaching money management skills is an important area that should not be overlooked as we prepare our children for life on their own.