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Inventions for a New Century

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Screw Holder

3D design 'Trevor P. STEM Screw Holder' created by Petrin t16 with Tinkercad.

The Garden Guru

The Garden Guru Gardening set is an all-use tool box for your gardening and lawn needs. With our patented snapping technology, customers can easily swap between handle sizes as well as tools. For example, users can change from a long-handled rake to a hand trowel in less than 20 seconds. It's that easy!

A side of Suburbia

Freshly cut lawns, mid-size houses, dogs barking behind a white picket fence. The perfect picture of a suburban neighborhood. But what happens behind the nice front doors? What's the real, less picture-perfect story of a suburb? Each house has a narrative all on its own, and this book is here to uncover it. In A Side of Suburbia, the sort-of-true stories of a neighborhood come to life. Follow Claire as a toddler, taking her first steps in feminism with her friends, or find them ten years later, with Madison trying to deal with a harsh break-up. Anything can and will happen behind these walls, and that's just A Side of Suburbia​!

​The Runaway Alarm Clock

The Runaway Alarm Clock helps one to wake up. By running off one's nightstand, the person will have to physically wake up by getting out of their bed to turn off the alarm. The Runaway Alarm Clock does not include a snooze option to help make sure one wakes up at the correct time.

Secret Eye Productions Inc.

Escape the Room games are great way to have fun.

Escape the Room games can be used to teach students, for teamwork activities, or just to have fun.

CAn You dEtect It?

Metal detectors are great tools, but they are also very cumbersome. They are very big and seem hard to manage. My goal was to create a small portable metal detector that would be easy and convenient. That's why I created "Can you detect it?" It is small and useful metal detector that is perfect for anywhere.

Cell Shades

Are you tired of not being able to see your phone screen outside because of the sun glare? If so, Cell Shades is your problem solver. Here at Cell Shades Co., our team designed a simple sun-cover perfect for everyday use. Put an end to squinting at your screen; order Cell Shades today!

The Efficient Cabinet

The efficient cabinet is used in messy/unorganized areas such as a school locker. This cabinet would then be able to organize book, folders, random papers, pens, pencils, small miscellaneous items, ext.

The Foldeeze

Do you have that big pile of laundry sitting in the corner of your room that hasn't been folded? Well, if you do then no need to worry anymore! The foldeeze is a simple and effected machine that folds your clothing for you

Stir Things Up

Instantly stir your drink with the click of a button for pure coffee and tea perfection.

Home in a Meter

The problem with today's small apartments is that there isn't enough space to fit all the furniture you want into the crowded spaces. That is where we come in with you sending over a rough estimate of what you want and what space is available and we will design and create the perfect furniture for the job.

The Feed Me! Feeder

This product makes life easier for every dog owner. The special sensor sets off a bell so you know when yourdog is at the food/water. You can check to see if they have food/water and if they don't, you can refillthe bowls.

Fantastical Flipper

We are try to help people to who have trouble flipping pages of books. This product can be used by people of all ages. If your hands are simply full or you cannot flip the pages of books, the Fantastical Flipper is meant for you!