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Updated by Russell Printers on Jun 06, 2016
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Our Tips for Creating Effective Event Booklets

If you are running an event for your business, or exhibiting at a trade show or conference, creating printed booklets to provide information, to act as promotional tool, or even to provide a programme of events can be an excellent, understated way to capture a lot of attention. Check out these top tips for creating an effective booklet for your event:


Quality print is essential

When it comes to printing your booklet, always ensure that you visit local printers in Birmingham and be sure to ask them to show you samples. This is the best way to be sure of the high quality product that you can expect.


Be clear and concise with your text

When it comes to writing the content for your booklet, be sure to be concise and get to the point quickly or people are more likely to lose interest. Use words of excitement to draw the reader in to stand a better chance of gaining a customer. Lengthy blocks of text are unappealing to the eye, so break your content up into short sections.


Always include a call to action

As well as simply printing your contact details, always include a call to action. For example, encourage readers to log onto your website, fill in a form, or offer them some sort of incentive for using your service or buying your product, for example, you could offer a discount or a free gift.


Be sure to make your contact details stand out

In most cases, one of the biggest aims of creating a promotional booklet is to persuade people to contact you, so if you fail to make your contact details stand out, you are missing your aim.


Make sure the design elements are great

Make sure the design elements are great

When it comes to any form of print marketing materials, you should always aim to have a professional looking design. The design of a booklet is one of the most powerful ways to grab a person’s attention – so target the design to the audience that you are aiming for.


Choose a catchy title

It’s one thing to write a really informative booklet, leaflet or programme, but your hard work may be all in vain if you don’t nail an attention grabbing title. Your title is what will really sell what’s inside your booklet, so it’s essential to come up with one that not only sums up what you are aiming to say, but catches the eye of the reader and draws them in.