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Using Information Ethically

Here are some resources to help elementary age students become champions of using information ethically!

In this BrainPOP video, Tim and Moby warn us about the dangers of plagiarism. This video contains information about copyright, sources, stealing, citations, bibliographies, footnotes, and endnotes.

BrainPOP Video - "Paraphrasing"

In this BrainPOP video, Tim and Moby provide an overview of paraphrasing. They tell us when it is appropriate and how to avoid plagiarism.

BrainPOP Video - "Copyright"

In this BrainPOP video, Tim and Moby uncover some copyright mysteries!

Creative Commons for Kids

This video provides an awesome introduction to using images legally for reports. The narrator describes creative commons licensed images.

Title: Creative Commons for Kids
Author: Nancy Miniocozzi
Source: YouTube
License: CC Attribution 2.0 Generic

This is an interactive website to explore our questions about copyright, public domain, fair use, attribution, and more. Click on the students to see common questions about these topics.

Copyright Kids

This website tells us about copyright and answers some questions you may have about what is protected under copyright law. You can even take a quiz to test your knowledge.

This site can be used to generate citations. It also includes teacher resources for learning more about researching ethically and developing 21st century literacies.

CC Search

Use this site to find images, videos, sound clips, and more that are licensed under creative commons.

Copyright & Plagiarism for Kids

This video provides an overview about citing sources. Giving credit for another author's work is important. This video was created by Shannon Bussell and it was published on July 5, 2014. You can access this video on YouTube.

Don't Plagiarizzle - a rap song about plagiarism

Title: Don't Plagiarizzle - a rap song about plagiarism
Author: Melvil Dewey
Source: YouTube

"Don't Plagiarizzle" by Melvil Dewey OOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You plagiarizzled! HAHA! And now you're in big troubizzle! Don't plagiarizzle. You g...

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