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5 of the Best Places to Visit in Wuhan - Best of Central China

The huge city of Wuhan located in central China has many splendid locations. Enjoy the culture, food, traditions and utterly gorgeous environs as you tour the splendid attractions of Wuhan province.


Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge

This was the very first bridge built over the famous Yangtze River in Wuhan. It is more popularly known as the First Wuhan Yangtze Bridge. Constructed in 1955 the bridge spans a distance of 1,670 metres while the main body is 1,156 metres. The bridge is built on two levels to accommodate trains and buses. The bus level boasts a body width of 18 metres enabling 6 buses to run next to each other. You can hop on a tourist bus from downtown Wuhan and enjoy sights of the gushing Yangtze River from top of the bridge. Entrance to the bridge is free and it is open all day.


The Yellow Crane Tower

If you are intent on exploring the wonders of this city do consider the immense convenience of booking Wuhan serviced apartments for your stay; enjoy all the comforts of home and move to your own schedule by choosing apartment stays in Wuhan. Yellow Crane Tower stands on Snake Hill at the banks of the mighty Yangtze. The place is of significant cultural value and has being built many times over. First constructed in 223 A.D this iconic attraction of Wuhan was a gathering place for poets, artists and celebrities during the period of the 3 kingdoms. The 51.4 metre high tower is resplendent with 5 floors, yellow tiles and beautiful red pillars. It is open from 7 am to 6 pm. Do not limit your experiences in Wuhan to just sightseeing; squeeze in a spot of holiday shopping too by visiting famous Jianghan Shopping Street quite close to the Somerset Wusheng Wuhan.


Wuhan Zoo

Located within a semi-natural island, the Wuhan Zoo is more an animal sanctuary allowing free roaming to the exotic creatures located there. Around 300 types of animals are found there together with entertaining seals and birds. The area comprising 80 hectares spreading across the lake and lands is a wildlife enthusiast's dream location. Enjoy the abundance of flora and fauna and sounds of twittering birds that flit from tree to tree. Wuhan Zoo apart from being an animal sanctuary is also a research and educational base for the study of wildlife and its survival.


Hubai Provincial Museum

This is one of China's most famous museums located within the Wuchang district of Wuhan. There you will come across fine relics from various eras of China. Various exhibit halls such as the Chime Bells, Culture Exhibition and Comprehensive Exhibition display many fascinating artefacts from various dynasties and seasons of China.


East Lake Park

The East Lake is located around the eastern suburbs of Wuchang City within Wuhan. It is listed as one of the key scenic resorts of China since being turned into a park with the onset of the new China. The area covers a total of 87 square kilometres and is home to 6 areas; denoted as fallen wild goose, listen to rotes, mill hill, piping, white horse and luohong.