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Headline for Fun 2nd Grade Science Lessons
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Fun 2nd Grade Science Lessons

The Science4Us curriculum is a complete, standards-based, core science curriculum that delivers digital and real-world science experiences using the 5E's to kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade students.

Elementary Science:Online, Interactive, Standards-Based

Tools are used to collect information. Some tools, like rulers, are used to measure or to find out how big something is. Other tools, like hand lenses, are used to observe and study things carefully. This module introduces students to the different types of tools used in science and how they help us study the world around us.

Elementary Science:Online, Interactive, Standards-Based

Plants and animals live in many different habitats such as the forest, desert, ocean, pond, or farm. Although these habitats may look very different, they all meet the needs of the plants and animals that live there. This module introduces students to different types of habitats and the living things that are found in them.

Elementary Science:Online, Interactive, Standards-Based

All living things need energy to live and grow. Most plants get their energy from sunlight whereas people and other animals get their energy from the food they eat. This module explores the relationships between living things and the energy sources they need to thrive.

Elementary Science:Online, Interactive, Standards-Based

Matter can change in many ways; some changes alter the appearance, while others create new and different matter. In this module, students explore chemical changes and physical changes, including phase changes, of matter.

Elementary Science:Online, Interactive, Standards-Based

Electrical energy is energy that is used to run appliances and tools. Electricity is generated at power plants from renewable and nonrenewable energy sources before it travels through power lines to all of the necessary locations. In this module students explore the various uses of electricity and the energy sources used to generate electricity.

Elementary Science:Online, Interactive, Standards-Based

Fast or slow, objects, people, animals, liquids, and even gases move. In this module students begin to describe and learn to measure motion, a change in position.

Elementary Science:Online, Interactive, Standards-Based

Heat energy is energy that can be felt. Heat energy can be natural, like the heat we get from the sun, or man-made. In this module students explore the properties and characteristics of heat energy, its uses, and various sources of man-made and natural heat.

Elementary Science:Online, Interactive, Standards-Based

Over and over, the Moon changes phase, day turns to night and spring becomes summer. These cycles of change happen as the Earth spins on its axis while orbiting around the sun. This module introduces students to the different cycles observed on Earth.

  • Welcome to Science4Us

    Science4Us allows busy teachers to deliver an exemplary science educational experience to their early elementary school students.

    The mission of Science4Us is to provide a solid foundation of fundamental science concepts for students, on which a deep understanding and interest in science can be built.

    Science4Us realizes that teachers are an integral part of our mission. Without the proper resources and support, teachers can struggle to provide a solid science foundation. The Science4Us curriculum includes embedded on-demand pedagogical and content training for teachers that does not require a large time commitment. Science4Us provides all of the support that teachers need to confidently and effectively lead exemplary science lessons, providing the science foundation that their students need. Science4Us does not require extensive preparation or training for the teachers.

    The Science4Us curriculum is a complete, standards-based, core science curriculum that delivers digital and real-world science experiences to early elementary students. The efficacy of Science4Us has been established that it provides a positive effect on students' conceptual and procedural knowledge as well as their motivation to learn.

    Consistent with best practices and as prescribed by both Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards, Science4Us has a cross-curricular approach which uses broad cross cutting ideas as well as digital explorations and virtual investigations. Science4Us provides foundational science knowledge in a way that truly engages the learner and will lead more students to reach for the STEM-related jobs and industries of the future.

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