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Home Improvement DIY Tips

Her are some great tips for DIY home improvement projects. Add yours!

The Most Common Drywall Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Drywall is a tricky building material to measure, order, and understand. Inexperienced building professionals (and even construction veterans) can easily
make mistakes when it comes to installing drywall. Fitting, budgeting, overworking, and overcutting are all common problems that can be avoided with
a little know-how and planning.

Things that will burn before an Access Door

You can’t always prevent fires. Sometimes the best fire protection starts with keeping a fire out of the area you are trying to protect. Sensitive areas within your building's facilities such as service access shafts and electrical panels demand the utmost fire protection. This is where a good access doors come in to protect what matters most.

How To Install An Access Door

Unlike traditional doors, access doors aren't designed for everyday use, and they don't give people
access to rooms or buildings. In fact, access doors have more in common with wall panels than regular doors, which is why some contractors and construction
workers use the term "access panels" instead.

Access Doors Custom Finishing Options

At Williams Brothers, we have a long history of focusing on quality above all else. Every access door you purchase from us will meet high standards, including
long-lasting and uniform parts that align with existing surfaces and protect sensitive spaces. However, if you want your door to last as long as possible
or blend into your décor even better, the following finishing options will allow you to maximize your investment. Whether you need a tough access door
that withstands weather conditions or a discrete access door that doesn't call attention to itself, we're proud to provide plenty of metal and enamel
finishes that will last for years to come.

Types of Access Doors

An access door is a versatile piece of building architecture that comes in variety of types to serve a variety of purposes. Access doors may allow access
to an enclosed space behind a wall, floor, or ceiling. Though some are large enough to accommodate human beings, most are much smaller, because they
simply need to grant access to small spaces or compartments that are located immediately behind them.

Access Panel Material Options

Access panels are needed throughout buildings to protect a variety of structures, from plumbing to electrical systems, while still providing access to
them when the need arises. Since access panels exist to protect an area, all good access panel doors are composed of sturdy, heavy-duty materials.
But what does this mean? Even at the highest level of quality, not all access panel doors are composed of the same materials.

The Problem With Home Air Leaks (And How To Fix Them)

Having a properly sealed home does more than just protect it from water damage. Sealing also prevents air from leaking into your home and causing a variety of problems including higher energy bills and even mold growth. Knowing where to find air leaks, understanding the trouble they can cause, and learning how to fix them can help you save money, reduce energy use and feel more comfortable in your home.

6 Most Common Types of Hinges

There is a nearly endless variety of hinges for a wide range of uses and door types. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at all the choices available. However,
each type of hinge has a distinct size, shape, and function. It’s important to choose a hinge that is right for your specific purpose.

The 4 Access Door Requirements You Should Follow

Whether you're planning a commercial construction project or building your own home, you'll most likely have to run ductwork through your building.
Ducts that channel air through your indoor spaces must meet several safety and maintenance concerns, and access panels are an important ingredient
in the installation process. It’s important to know which access panels to use, where to put them, and how to make sure they meet local building

Best Tools for a Drywall Contractor

Any smart drywall contractor knows that to provide outstanding workmanship you need to use the best tools for the job. Not only will the right tools help
you be more efficient, but your speed and skills will give you a leg up over the competition.

Drywall Size and Thickness

Drywall is the go-to material used for interior walls and ceilings in all types of buildings. It’s only made of gypsum covered with paper, but this amazing
material can be found nearly every building in the country. Most people have never given it a second thought, but there is an art and a science to
selecting the right drywall for different purposes.

A Complex Scenario: Cutting A Hole In A Brick Wall

Bricks are not the easiest material to build with, let alone modify. Bricks are meant to battle weather elements and last hundreds of years with little
maintenance. However, appliances and technology have advanced to the point where having an entire brick building or home could become problematic.

4 Popular Alternatives to Drywall

Drywall is difficult to deal with due to the fragile nature of the building material. It is also a difficult material to mold into different aesthetics
in order to accommodate a specific internal design concept or to adhere to a different building standard. Drywall is a plain type of building material
that was created for mass production and fast installation, not overall building appearance or design. Many builders, architects, or designers, seek
to overcome the bland image of drywall by using other building materials instead. Many alternative drywall materials exist, and selecting from the most interesting ones can make installation easier and the building more unique.

Drywall Cracks: Causes, Prevention, and Repairs

Drywall is a critical component of building structure and aesthetics. It’s important to pay careful attention when you work with drywall because of the
tendency for cracks to form if the installation is not done properly. Drywall cracks can lead to many other problems such as weakening the building,
wall, structure, and more. Especially when installing drywall around a door,
you should pay special attention to the potential for drywall cracks. To avoid complications and ensure the best quality, you need to know what causes
drywall cracks, how to prevent them, and how to repair them.

Framing Drywall Like The Masters: The Art Of Taping

If walls could talk… they would probably encourage you to learn the most effective drywall taping techniques. Hanging and finishing drywall is a
process with multiple steps and requirements, and drywall taping is one of the last and most important. It affects the way your finished walls will
look, allows you to correct imperfections and avoid structural problems, and makes your drywall joints smooth, neat, and invisible.

Best Drywall How To Guides

Drywall installation is a basic construction project that can be accomplished with the right knowledge. If you don’t have any experience with this type
of project, there are several drywall installation guides that can walk you through the entire process.

How To Know If Your Drywall Has Mold And How To Fix It

Drywall mold affects an area of a home due to water damage, air circulation, and other natural elements. The growth of mold differs according to the environmental conditions and the maintenance of the home. In order for mold to be properly restricted, you first need to target it by looking for clues such as discoloration in paint or a dark tint to the drywall or paint. After you target the area or areas that are being affected by mold, you must take precautionary steps to properly clean the area and figure out the cause of the mold growth. Let’s explore the signs and solutions for drywall mold with a real life scenario.

Drywall Finishing Levels And Which Is Right For You

If you are installing drywall, it’s important to decide what level of finishing is appropriate for your project. All drywall installations require a finishing process in order to prepare the new drywall for paint, wallpaper, or some other finish. Since each layer of finish requires more
time and money, you will need to make some decisions about how many layers of drywall finish you require before you begin.

The Popcorn Ceiling Removal Saga (And 4 Videos To Make It Easier)

Popcorn ceilings were once very popular back in the 1970s and 1980s, but today they contrast terribly with 21st century aesthetics and actually devalue
a property. Modern homes feature a lot more solid colors than previous homes as they are a cheap and easy way to fix up a home and finish a room. However,
painting over popcorn ceilings can prove to be tedious, so the easiest way to circumvent this problem is getting rid of a popcorn ceiling.

Tips On Increasing Efficiency From The Drywall Experts

Drywall projects can be complicated and time consuming, but they don’t have to be. With the right advice from expert drywall practitioners, you can increase
the efficiency of your drywall construction work. Completing drywall projects quickly and smoothly can save time and money, not to mention earn the
glowing approval of your client.

The Most Common Drywall Textures & Today's Most Popular Option

When selecting a drywall finishing texture for a construction or renovation project, there are several different options available. Drywall can greatly
affect the overall look and feel of a room so you have to be careful what type of drywall texture you choose.

The Ultimate Drywall Repair Shopping List

Damaged drywall or holes in drywall can cause many problems in a home. It is unsightly, decreases soundproofing capacity, and leads to a decreases the
ability to insulate the home. All of which can lead to extra heating and cooling costs and most of all frustration and annoyance. Mold can also be a problem with drywall which also needs to be replaced as soon as you find it. No matter how big or small the damaged drywall is, it is an unsightly blemish
that won’t go away by itself. The good news is it is relatively easy to install and fix. It is also really easy to repair badly. If you have the right
tools for the job though, you will be well on your way to fixing the damage quickly and easily. Here is our ultimate shopping guide list for drywall

Creative Ways To Hide A Fuse Box

Access doors and electrical boxes are great for utility purposes, but they aren’t the best for enhancing the look of your home.The metal door and box can often make them an eyesore in any room. They can often be placed in weird places too, like high up, down low, or smack in the middle of a wall. The answer to this design problem? Cover it up your with one of these 8 clever DIY projects.