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9 Famous Gardens in Suzhou – Pristine and Divine Havens

Nine of the beautiful gardens of Suzhou are declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Well preserved for over a thousand years these famous gardens promise to stun awe with serene surroundings.


Humble Administrators Garden

This is Suzhous largest gardens and is thought to be the best example of a classical garden. In fact this is one of China's most famous gardens. Get lost in the serene beauty of the place, marvel at the well preserved architectural designs and get transported back to a time when beauty was a thing to be adored with patience and time.


Lingering Garden

If you are interested in vintage artistic creations then do visit the Lingering Garden. The place is resplendent with beautiful architecture and ancient corridors adorned with vintage calligraphy.


The Master of Nets Garden

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Lion Grove Garden

The biggest lures at Lion Grove Garden are the stunning rock formations and man-made mountains. Inlaid with lush water features and stunning landscapes the unique features of this garden are a thrill experience.


Mountain Villa

Mountain Villa is just that; you will be mesmerized by the enchanting background of mountains interspersed with cliffs, mysterious caverns and picturesque stone houses.


Couples Retreat Garden

The place to fall in love all over again; this romantic garden is inlaid between 3 lovely canals. The place is dotted with lush landscaped gardens and theatrical pavilions. Enjoy and be enchanted by the sheer romance of Couples Retreat Garden.


Canglang Pavilion

Intricate and beautiful architecture and nature are bonded to create this perfect garden. The Canglang Pavilion is Suzhous oldest garden it is inlaid with many vintage trees such as weeping willows and viridian bamboo.


The Garden of Cultivation

A simple can of beauty is sure to captivate you at the Garden of Cultivation. The place is cloaked in misty hills, cavernous springs and serene pools. The garden is definitely much simpler than the others but utterly stunning and enchanting.


Retreat and Reflection Garden

This garden is located within Tongli Town. It is famous for its pavilions that give the illusion of floating on the surface of the ponds. The calm and quite nature of the garden is sure to engulf you leaving room for loads of peaceful contemplation.