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High quality and Heavy Duty equipment for different types of Industry, application and per client’s requirements. We provide a whole range of products & machinery for all the industries that can be used from inception of raw material to the end product / output for the customer.

Slitter Rewinder Machine | KEW ENGG. & MFG. PVT. LTD

Slitter Rewinder Machine manufacturer is a Cantilever Type which incorporates a range of superior design feature that ensure the highest possible quality for the final split roll independent rewind tension control through non-contact ultra-sonic techniques for diameter measurement and unique core lock for differential slip at running speed.

Rubber Roller | KEW ENGG. & MFG. PVT. LTD.

We have been Rubber Roller manufacturer and exporter of various types of Rubber Rollers like, Bow Roll, Banana Roller, Ebonite Rubber, Printing Roller and more with coating of materials is Nitril, Neoprene, and Silicon Rubber Roller. Available different types of diameter up to 750mm as per application and requirement of machine.

Winding Rewinding Machine

We are manufacturer of Heavy Duty Winding Rewinding Machine with quality equipment. Film Winding Rewinding For Batch Coding, Winding Rewinding For Batch Printing, Winding Rewinding With Inkjet Printer, Winding Rewinding With Thermal Transfer Overprinter. Winding Rewinding Machine for various industries.

Web Guiding System | KEW ENGG. & MFG. PVT. LTD.

Web Guiding System manufacturer with high quality and accurate performance based air pressure power units. Various types of web guiding system, Pneumo Web Aligner, Hydraulic Power Pack Unit, line of Edge, Centre, and Line Guiding. All types of Web Guiding System, available in models from 1/4 H.P. to 3 H.P. to meet any guiding application.

Core Cutter Machine | KEW ENGG. & MFG. PVT. LTD.

We are manufacturer and exporting Core Cutter Machine for cutting of paper core. Our machines are designed with wide range of quality for long lasting heavy duty process, especially for cutting in different sizes. Premium quality of fully automatic Core Cutter Machine manufacturer, Semi automatic Core Cutting Machines, heavy duty Manual Core Cutter Machines.

BOPP Tape Cutting Machine | KEW ENGG. & MFG. PVT. LTD.

KEW ENGG. - manufacturer of BOPP Tape Cutting Machine, Tape Slitting Machine, a genuine specially for cutting in various sizes from 12 mm to 1000 mm with fully automatic or manual with different materials like PVC Tape, Mask Tape, Adhesive Tape, Duct Tape, Mini BOPP Tape Cutting Machine with quality.

Roll Wrapping Machine, Stretch Film Wrapping | KEW ENGG

We are dealing on manufacturing Roll Wrapping Machine. We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Roll Wrapping Machine. Our machines are designed with wide range of quality for long lasting heavy duty process, specially for cutting in different sizes from 12 mm to 1000 mm. Types of Roll Wrapping, Stretch Wrapping, Carton, Water Tank, Cloth Roll, Nylon Roll etc.

Bow Roll Manufacturer, Banana Roller | KEW ENGG

KEW ENGG is manufacturer of Bow Roll, Wrinkle Removing Roll and Banana Roller for different types of machines. This is the most commonly used wrinkle remover device. Bow Roll is available sizes up to 300 mm dia. and length up to 8000 mm. It mainly consists of bowed shaft, metal segments, sealed ball bearings, abrasion resistant, rubber sleeve etc.

Rubber Fillet Manufacturer | KEW ENGG. & MFG. PVT. LTD.

Rubber Fillet Manufacturer India, exporting & supplying all types of Rubber Fillet, Rubber Rollers, and Rubber Grips. KEW Manufacture Paper Core Cutter Machine with high production. Emery Type Rubber Fillet, Small Round Pimple, Big Round Pimple, Synthetic, and Fine Emery surface White, Rough Emery Surface, and many more types of Rubber Fillets with Industry Specific.

Lamination Machine, High Speed Film Lamination Machine

Specialised high-quality manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Lamination Machine, film lamination, paper lamination, Roll to Roll Lamination Machine, industrial lamination equipment, high-speed Coating Machine for different materials, Lamination Machine with a range from 300mm to 1500mm. Also, we make Rotogravure Printing Machine per custom requirements for flexible packaging and printing industries.

Rewinder Unwinder, Surface Rewinder Machine Manufacturer

Superior quality Rewinder Unwinder Machine together for heavy duty process. Different types of custom design Rewinder and Unwinder Machine for paper, label, and Tyre Cord materials offer the processing of rolls with large outer diameters with high speed process. All our Rewinder Unwinder units designed with features like, user friendly and multi-functional for different types of Roll form. All types of Flexible Packaging and Tyre Cord industrial machinery manufacturer.

Doctoring Rewinding Machine, Rewinder Machine Exporter

Doctoring Rewinding Machine Manufacturer to make doctoring process for your Flexible Packaging Roll with high-quality equipment from India. Doctoring Rewinding with more than 25 different models to choose from with high-quality performance. Like: Standard Doctor Rewinder Machine, Table Top, And High-Speed Doctoring Rewinding Machine.

Slitter Rewinder Machine : (Slitting Rewinding Machine) - KEW MFG

Heavy-duty Slitter Rewinder Machine manufacturer for fabric, film, paper, hi-speed slitting rewinding machine, drum, type Slitter Rewinder Machine India. Slitting Rewinding Machine for Stretch Film, Fabric, Paper, BOPP Film, and OPP CPP Film Slitting Machine, Non-Woven Fabric, Rewinding Machine, Paper Slitting Machine, paper slitter Rewinder machine, slitting and rewinding machine, roll slitting machine, paper cutting machine, slitting machine price, slitter Rewinder machine, thermal paper slitting machine for sale etc. Slitter Rewinder Machine per custom application on Industry specific requirement.

Trim Rewinder, Slitting Rewinder Machine, Converting Machinery

Manufacturer of Trim Rewinder Machine for Slitter Rewinder, Slitting Rewinding Machine for winding the web to reduce the wastage of the slit materials. A Trim Rewinder Machine to be operation material of the film, aluminum, and paper. Trim Rewinder is designed to winding trim from slitting machine. Trim Rewinder features with fully mechanical controlled traversing, Trapezoidal (Pineapple) winding profile, Cantilevered winding shaft, Traverse winding.

Core Cutting Machine Manufacturer, Paper Core Cutter Machine

We are engaged in Manufacturing, Exporting & Supplying of All types of Paper Core Cutting Machine Manufacturer India, heavy duty Paper core cutter machine, automatic core cutting machine, manual core cutter machine, Fully Automatic Core Cutter Machine, Paper Core Cutting Machine, Semi-Automatic Core Cutter Machine, Manual Core Cutter Machine, BOPP Tape Slitting Machine, manual core cutter, Fully Automatic Core Cutter, Semi-Automatic Core Cutter, Core Cutting Machine, automatic core cutting.

Heavy Duty Drum Type Slitter Rewinder Machine, KEW ENGG

We are manufacture of export, Heavy Duty Drum Type Slitter Rewinder Machine, for Paper of any GSM thickness, Slitting of Paper for a different type of applications. Our Heavy Duty Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine comes in use for Slitting of all types of Paper Material like Coated Paper, Ice Cream Cup Paper, Fax Roll, Photograph Paper, Stationery Paper, etc. Our Heavy Duty Drum Type Slitter Rewinder Machine is able to process all types of Paper of any GSM thickness. In our Drum Type Slitting Rewinding Machine, Rewinding Diameter can be achieved up to 1200 mm.

Web Aligner Power Pack Unit, Web Guiding System

We are Manufacturer Of Web Aligner Power Pack Unit, KEW ENGG. & MFG, Manufacturer of Web Aligner Power Pack Unit models 0.25 HP to 3 HP, Heavy duty Web Aligner Power Pack Unit. We are also providing Cost-effective and high quality servicing, repairing of used system. In our Web Aligner, constant pressure generator produces constant pressure at a given head no pressure regulator is therefore required. We have capacity to supply 100-150 high quality units and position control system per month.

Coating Machine, High Speed Coating Machine Manufacturer.

Coating Machine Manufacturer India, KEW is a leading manufacturing and supplier of high speed Coating Machine with international standards technology. High-quality Coating Machine available with different types of range. Paper Coating Machine, thermal paper coating machine, Automatic Thermal Paper Coating Machine, BOPP Coating Machine, Adhesive Paper Coating Machine, Colour Coating Machine, All type of High Speed Rotogravure Printing Machine Manufacturer and Exports all over the Globe.

Air Shaft, Mechanical Air Shaft Manufacturer, Air Chuck

Air Shaft Manufacturer India, Mechanical Air Shaft, Pneumatic Air Shaft, Lug Shaft, Safety Chuck, Expandable shaft, Mechanical Expandable Shaft, Expanding Shaft, Air Expandable Shaft, Core Shafts, Cantilever Air Shaft with different size and different length on custom requirement. Differential Shaft is a sophisticated winding shaft for Slitter Rewinder Machine, used as duplex shaft winder. Minimum 20 mm core width is possible. This shaft consists of the slotted shaft, rubber bladders, hard and ground steel cage with ball type gripper.

BOPP Slitter Rewinder, BOPP Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine

We have been successfully Manufacturing, Exporting & Supplying all types of BOPP Slitter Rewinder Machine manufacturer with high-quality parts, heavy duty BOPP Tape Slitter Machine, Cello Tape, BOPP Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine, Rotogravure Printing Machine, Lamination, Coating Machine, Slitting Rewinder Machine. BOPP Slitter Machine Manufacturer India with heavy duty and premium quality to meet international standard. We are leading manufacturer of heavy-duty, high-speed, high performance and jumbo type BOPP Tape Slitting Rewinding Machine.

Doctoring Rewinding Machine Manufacturer, KEW ENGG. & MFG.

We are Manufacturer Of Different type of Doctoring Rewinding Machine Manufacturer India, inkjet printer for batch coding Machine, Winding Rewinding Machine, Inspection Rewinding Machine, Standard Doctoring Rewinding Machine, Table Top Doctoring Rewinding Machine, High Speed Doctoring Rewinding, Heavy Duty Doctoring Rewinding Machine with Slitting System, Doctoring Film Strip Winding Rewinding, Coil Winding, Inspection Doctoring Slitting, High Speed Doctor Re Reeling and many more per client’s requirement and application.

Expandable Shaft, KEW ENGG. & MFG. PVT. LTD.

We are Manufacturer of Expandable Shaft, Air Shaft Manufacturer India, Duplex Shaft, Mechanical Shaft, Quick Lock Shaft, Multi Tube Shaft, Lug Shaft, Leaf Type Shaft, Air Expandable Shaft, Air Mechanical Shaft, Air Quick Lock Shaft, Air Multi Tube Shaft, Air Expandable Shaft, Air Lug Shaft, Air Leaf Type Shaft, Mechanical Air Shaft Manufacturer, Air Shaft, Mechanical & Pneumatic Shaft. The shaft is capable of taking any challenge arising out of heavy load and speed. Economic model for Re-winder shaft having all the advantages like slippage, accommodating gauge variation, smaller core width etc.

Inspection Rewinding Machine, KEW ENGG. & MFG.

We are the manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Inspection Rewinding Machine manufacturer with international standard, Inspection Machine per custom needs, High-Speed Inspection Rewinding Machine, Rewinding Machine, Winding Rewinding Machine, Doctoring Rewinding Machine, Batch Printing Machine, Inspection Rewinding, Inspection Winding etc. Inspection Rewinding Machine with advanced feature like adjustable slitting assembly and much more per client’s requirement. Various types of inspecting materials on the Inspection Machine like Film, Label, Fabric, and Woven.

Web Aligner, Web Aligner Unit, KEW ENGG

We are a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Web Aligner System from last 25 years with high quality and heavy duty equipment. Web Aligner unit with 0.5 to 3.0 hp motor, sensors, hydraulic cylinder, heavy duty Web Aligner System, Web Guiding System, Web Guiding Unit, Web Guide System, Web Guide Unit, Web Aligner Unit, Hydro-Pneumo Web Aligner, Web Guiding System Manufacturer, Hydro – Pneumo Web Aligner, Hydraulic Power Pack Unit for all flexible converting machine.

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We are leading Stenter Machine Manufacturer India with different types of high-quality industry specific requirements, Stenter Clip, Stenter Pin Bar, Textile Machinery, Hot Air Stenter Machine, Stenter Machines, Hot Air Stenter Machine manufacturers, high quality and heavy duty Hot Air Stenter Machine, manufacturing International Standard of textile machinery. The system consist of 20-30 Dia. S.S. cylinder of required with total 4“ NOs. dynamically balanced and gas heated system.

  • KEW ENGG. & MFG. PVT. LTD. is one of the leading Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Tyre – Cord & Technical Textiles Machinery, Textile Processing, Paper Industries, Plastic Packaging & Converting related machinery and equipment.

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