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Agonistic Antibody Discovery Service

The development of technologies to generate MAbs created considerable excitement in oncology because of their potential use in tumor therapy. The use of agonistic monoclonal antibodies against certain targets have emerged as one of the most effective ways to boost immune responses against infectious agents or to fight cancer. Creative Biolabs is specialized in new agonistic antibody discovery.

In vivo Phage Display for Tumor Targeting

Creative Biolabs offers custom phage display services to identify tumor targeting peptides by our innovative in vivo phage display technical platform. This exclusive platform can be used to analyze the structure and molecular diversity of tumor vasculature and to select tumor-specific antigens which have revealed stage- and type-specific markers of tumor blood vessels.

phage display protocols

Creative Biolabs develops and commercializes a full range of innovative integrated services that are based on phage display technology. We have extensive experience in library construction and screening, antibody humanization, antibody affinity maturation, production of specific monoclonal antibodies and much more services using phage display techniques. We also provide qualified antibody and peptide phage display libraries in-house to assist our customers’ research and project development.

scfv library screening

As a well-recognized expert at phage display technology, Creative Biolabs offers our worldwide clients the best phage display library screening services through our excellent biopanning strategies and state-of-the-art equipment. Our scientists are pleased to tailor the most appropriate strategies to screen the interested libraries of our customers.

Acceptable Library Types

Libraries from our customized library construction services
In-house premade antibody libraries, peptide libraries, scaffold libraries, etc.
Libraries provided by our clients
Other commercialized libraries

scfv antibody library screening

Phage display technology is one of the major approaches employed in various protein interaction studies, especially in the discovery of specific antibodies, scaffolds or ligands. While binders with the desired specificity generally exist at low frequencies in the constructed libraries. In this way, phage display library screening has become an effective technique for the enrichment and identification of binders with high affinity and specificity from interested libraries.

phage library

Creative Biolabs is pleased to offer customized library construction services under a variety of phage display systems. Our scientists have extensive experience in library construction and are professional in generating different types of phage display libraries, including scaffold libraries, peptide libraries, antibody libraries, cDNA libraries and others.

Phage Display Library Types
Antibody library construction service
Scaffold library construction service
Peptide library construction service
cDNA library construction service

Creative Biolabs provides humanization service

Creative Biolabs has extensive experience to offer the antibody humanization service for therapeutic and diagnostic development. We have successfully performed 15 mouse/rat humanization projects during the past decade with at least one humanized antibody entered the clinical trials. We also provide humanization service to antibodies derived from other species, such as non-human primate (NHP), rabbit, dog, chicken, llama and etc.

de novo sequencing

Creative Biolabs is glad to show a series of unique de novo antibody sequencing services for research, diagnostic, and therapeutic industries. To overcome the current drawbacks of sequencing based on traditional methods, Creative Biolabs has developed the proprietary Database Assisted Shotgun Sequencing (DASS) technology, which based on our next generation antibody sequencing platform. Our services consist of variable region, variable plus leader region, as well as full-length heavy- and light-chain antibody sequencing for all species, isotypes, and allotypes. Purified monoclonal antibodies in multivalent forms can be sequenced with 100% coverage of the desired regions as well as excellent accuracy. Numerous successful cases from Creative Biolabs have confirmed our qualification to provide antibody sequencing with 100% accuracy and satisfaction guarantee to meet our customers’ needs.

ProteOn System - Creative Biolabs

Scientists from Creative Biolabs are willing to provide custom antibody affinity measurement using ProteOn system. The system is a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensor platform that provides a label-free and real-time analysis of binding kinetics of molecular interactions. The key applications include:

Identification of biomolecular interaction.
Antibody screening and ranking.
Validation of drug targets.
Binding kinetic determination.
Epitope binning and mapping.
Other dynimic assay of molecular interaction.

Premade Phage Display Peptide Libraries - Creative Biolabs

Empowered by extensive experience and well-established phage display technique platform, Creative Biolabs now brings out a comprehensive list of premade peptide libraries for various research programs. Over years, we have integrated multiple peptide libraries with varied lengths and properties to satisfy all kind of applications.

Of note, we carry 3 good linear peptide libraries (9-mer, 16-mer, and 20-mer), which are based on the same true phage system as NEB Ph.D. peptide libraries. As validated by QC DNA sequencing, over 97% of randomly picked clones from these two libraries contained dsDNA inserts, with no stop codon, single nucleotide deletion or insertion or non-sense frame-shift mutation detected. Moreover, no Cys encoding codon was identified in the peptide library as designed. We also have another cyclic 9-mer peptide constructed using the same technical route. These random peptide libraries with such great quality and diversity can definitely make excellent tools for peptide agent discovery.

(Human) Antibody Camelization Services - Creative Biolabs

As a well recognized leader in antibody engineering field, Creative Biolabs is proud to be the single company in the entire world that offers (human) antibody camelization services. Although antibody fragments are well suited for recognition of antigens with a high degree of affinity and specificity, their considerable size obviously impairs their performance when diffusion limits the recognition process as in targeting solid tumors. Single domain antibodies with minimal size and excellent stability have made it one of the most valuable antibody fragments in clinical and diagnostic applications.

Thethrapeutic Antibody- Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a pioneer and undisputed global leader in the rapidly emerging market for therapeutic antibodies. We offer a full range of therapeutic antibodies currently available for research of a wide variety of diseases. We guarantee generated endotoxin free antibodies are fully functional and ready to use in animal-based assays and clinical trials.

bispecific antibodies

Creative Biolabs is a specialized manufacturer of bispecific antibodies based on our advanced technology and years of experience. We are available to supply all kinds of bispecific antibodies that can be applicated in various research uses.

Knobs-in-holes bispecific antibody (KIH BsAb) - Creative Biolabs

The knobs-into-holes technique is suitable for heterodimerization immunoglobulin heavy (H) chains with amino acid (AA) changes, which can overcome the mispairing problem. In order to overcome the impurity problem in tri-functional antibody production process, experts from Creative Biolabs introduce a knob into the CH3 of one antibody and a corresponding hole into the CH3 of the other antibody via the alteration of AA respectively. We then co-transfect these constructs encoding all four chains either into E.coli or mammalian cells such as human embryonic kidney (HEK) cells. We can also provide glycosylated, functional and competent heterodimeric antibodies after the expression step in mammalian host.